Battle of Tốt Động – Chúc Động

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The Battle of Tốt Động – Chúc Động (1426) was the decisive battle in the 14-year Lam Sơn uprising which established Vietnam's independence from Ming China in 1428. The battle took place over three days from 5–7 November 1426 in the Red River Valley between Tốt Động and Chúc Động, two villages of Chương Mỹ District, near Hanoi. Lê Lợi's forces routed the Ming army forcing them to sue for peace and recognise Vietnam as a tribute bearing but independent state.[1]


  1. ^ Larry H. Addington America's war in Vietnam: a short narrative history 2000 Page 5 - "When Le Loi's forces were finally strong enough to risk a decisive battle at Tot Dong in the Red River valley in 1426, they so routed the Chinese army that two years later China effectively recognized the Viet kingdom's independence by granting it the status of a tributary client"