Battle of Tal Afar (2005)

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Battle of Tal Afar
Part of the Iraq War
Date September 1, 2005–September 18, 2005
Location Tal Afar, Iraq
Result American-Iraqi tactical victory
United States United States
Iraq New Iraqi Army
Iraq Iraqi insurgents
Commanders and leaders
H. R. McMaster, Khursheed Saleem Daski Unknown
Iraqi Forces: 5,000
US forces: 3,500
Casualties and losses
USA: 6 KIA, 52 WIA
Iraq: 15 KIA, 36 WIA[1]
163 KIA, 295 captured[2]

The Battle of Tal Afar was a military offensive conducted by the United States Army and supported by Iraqi forces, against Al Qaeda insurgents in the city of Tal Afar, Iraq in response to the increase of insurgent attacks against U.S. and Iraqi positions in the area. U.S. Forces were commanded by Col. H.R. McMaster. The city was temporarily cleared for elections in 2005, but was not secured in a long-term view.

The offensive was launched on September 1, 2005 in a joint United States Army and New Iraqi Army operation to destroy suspected insurgents’ havens and base of operations in Tal Afar. The initial fighting was heavy, but most of the city was secured on September 3. Although sporadic fighting and attacks would continue through most of September until the operation was declared finished on September 18.


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Coordinates: 36°22′27″N 42°27′13″E / 36.3742°N 42.4536°E / 36.3742; 42.4536