Battle of Taraca

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Battle of Taraca
Part of Philippine-American War
Date April 1904
Location Mindanao, Philippines
Result American victory
 United States Late 19th Century Flag of Sulu.svg Moro people
Commanders and leaders
Leonard Wood
Casualties and losses
2 Killed in action
8 Wounded in action[1]:120

The Battle of Taraca was fought in what is now Taraka, Lanao del Sur in the Philippines between the Moro people of Mindanao and the United States during the Philippine-American War.[1]:113 General Leonard Wood invited the region's datus to a peace conference, but the Sultan of Taraca, refused to attend.[2] The Taraca River Valley was where most of the Lake Lanao Moros lived,[1]:113 the home also of Datu Ampuanagus[3]

Wood sent two infantry battalions and two cavalry troops to the mouth of the Taraca River.[1]:114 Col. Marion P. Maus' Third Battalion of the 22nd Infantry held the mouth of the river while Wood led a column oveland. Maus' men used a Vickers-Maxim machine gun and a Gatling gun to capture a few cottas, inflicting 65 casualties on the Moros.[1]:115 Over the next week, Wood's men destroyed 130 cottas but failed to capture the Sultan.[1]:120


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