Battle of Tecoac

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Battle of Tecoac
Part of the Revolution of Tuxtepec
DateNovember 16, 1876
LocationTecoac, Tlaxcala, Mexico
Result Victory for Díaz
MexicoFederal Government Tuxtepec rebels
Commanders and leaders
Ignacio R. Alatorre Porfirio Díaz
3,000 7,800

The Battle of Tecoac (Spanish: Batalla de Tecoac) was a battle that was fought at Tecoac (municipality of Huamantla) in the Mexican state of Tlaxcala on November 16, 1876, between the forces of Sebastián Lerdo de Tejada, then President of Mexico, and those of Porfirio Díaz. The battle was a victory for Díaz, who subsequently assumed the presidency himself; Lerdo went into exile in New York City.

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