Battle of Timor order of battle

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This is the order of battle for the Battle of Timor (1942–43) which occurred on the island of Timor, in the Pacific theatre of World War II. It involved forces from the Empire of Japan—which invaded on February 20, 1942—on one side and Allied personnel, predominantly from Australia and the Netherlands, on the other. Many Timorese civilians and some Portuguese colonists fought with the Allies as criados (guerrillas), or provided food, shelter and other assistance.

Initial order of battle[edit]


Portuguese Colonial Army units[edit]

  • HQ Timor (Repartição Militar de Timor)
  • Native Rifle Company (Companhia de Caçadores Indígenas)
  • Oecussi detachment of the Native Rifle Company
  • Border Cavalry Platoon

Portuguese civil and auxiliary forces[edit]

  • Dili Police Corps (Corpo de Polícia de Dili)
  • Civil administration sepoys
  • Timorese militias and auxiliaries


Sparrow Force units[edit]

Royal Netherlands East Indies Army (KNIL) units[edit]

  • Timor and Dependencies Garrison Battalion
  • 3rd Company, VIII Infantry Battalion
  • Reservekorps (RK) Infantry Company
  • Machine-Gun Platoon, XIII Infantry Battalion
  • Artillery battery (4 × 75 mm guns)
  • Engineer platoon
  • Engineer platoon
  • Mobile auxiliary first aid platoon

Empire of Japan[edit]


Coordinates: 10°23′S 123°38′E / 10.383°S 123.633°E / -10.383; 123.633