Battle of Toppenish Creek

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Battle of Toppenish Creek
Part of the Yakima War, American Indian Wars
Granville O. Haller 1890.jpg
Granville O. Haller in 1890.
Date October 5, 1855
Location Toppenish Creek, Washington
Result Yakama victory
 United States Yakama
Commanders and leaders
United States Granville O. Haller Kamiakin
84 infantry ~300 warriors
Casualties and losses
5 killed
17 wounded
2 killed
4 wounded
1 captured

The Battle of Toppenish Creek[1] was the first engagement of the Yakima War in Washington. Fought on October 5, 1855, a company of American soldiers, under Major Granville O. Haller, was attacked by a band of Yakamas, under Chief Kamiakin, and compelled to retreat. The battle occurred in Yakima Valley, 113 miles northwest of Fort Walla Walla, along Toppenish Creek and was a major victory for Native American forces.[2]

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