Battle of Tulgas

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Battle of Tulgas
Part of the Russian Civil War
Date November 11–14, 1918[1]
Location Tulgas, by the Northern Dvina River, Russian SFSR
Result Western Allied victory
 United Kingdom
 United States
Russia White Russia
Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Bolshevik Russia
Commanders and leaders
One US Rifle Company
One British Rifle Company
Canadian Artillery Battery (57 men)
Unknown, but at least several hundred.
Casualties and losses
30 killed
100 wounded
Unknown; Estimated at 500 killed

The Battle of Tulgas was fought between Allied and Bolshevik troops on the Northern Dvina River. It took place on the day the armistice ending World War I was signed, November 11, 1918, and is sometimes referred to as the "Peace Day's Bloody Battle". Shortly before the battle, the freezing of the local waterways resulted in the cutting off of the Tulgas Garrison from outside assistance. The Bolsheviks used this opportunity and their superior numbers to try to attack and conquer the isolated outpost, but were driven back with severe losses.

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Coordinates: 62°35′40″N 43°30′28″E / 62.594388°N 43.507833°E / 62.594388; 43.507833