Battle of Tutung

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Battle of Tutung
Part of the Soviet Invasion of Xinjiang
Date 1934
Location Tutong river, Xinjiang
Result 36th Division retreat
Taiwan Republic of China 36th Division (National Revolutionary Army) Soviet Union Red Army
Commanders and leaders
Taiwan Ma Zhongying Soviet Union Gen. Volgin
36th Division 2 brigades of 7,000 men with tanks, bomber planes, artillery
Casualties and losses
Heavy Heavy

The Battle of Tutong (1934) occurred when Gen. Ma Zhongying's Chinese Muslim 36th Division was attacked by the Soviet Russian Army on the banks of the frozen Tutung River. The battle took place over several days, and Soviet bombers used mustard gas.[1] At one point the Chinese Muslim troops dressed up in sheepskins for camouflage in the snow, and stormed Soviet machine-gun posts with curved swords at a short range and defeated a Soviet pincer attack. Casualties were getting heavy on both sides before Ma Zhongying ordered a retreat.[2][3]


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