Battle of Udgir

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Battle of Udgir
Date3 January 1760
Result Maratha victory
Flag of the Maratha Empire.svg Maratha Empire

Flag of the Mughal Empire (triangular).svgMughal Empire

Commanders and leaders
Flag of the Maratha Empire.svgSadashivrao Bhau
Flag of the Maratha Empire.svgRaghunath Rao
Flag of the Maratha Empire.svgShamsher Bahadur
Asafia flag of Hyderabad State.pngAsaf Jah II
Asafia flag of Hyderabad State.pngIbrahim Khan Gardi

The Marathas under the command of Sadashivrao Bhau defeated the army of Salabat Jung (brother of Nizam Ali Khan, Asaf Jah II) at Udgir, Latur district; wherein Salabat had intended to take the position as the Nizam.[1][2]This followed by recalling of French governor Marquis de Bussy-Castelnau to Pondicherry in 1760, wherein Nizam Ali, Asaf Jah II was handed over complete power from his brother Salabat Jung who wanted to take the position as 2nd Nizam.[1][2]

The aftermath of the war resulted in the Nizam's forces surrendering territory worth 60 lakhs including the cities of Ahmadnagar, Daultabad, Burhanpur and Bijapur.[1]

Following the battle, the Marathas turned North to combat an Afghan force led by Ahmed Shah Durrani at the Third Battle of Panipat.[2]

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