Battle of Un no Kuchi

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Battle of Un no Kuchi
Part of the Sengoku period
Date 1536
Location Un no Kuchi, Shinano province
Result Takeda victory
Forces of Hiraga Genshin Takeda clan
Commanders and leaders
Hiraga Genshin  Takeda Nobutora
Takeda Harunobu
over 1,000 8,000[1]

The Battle of Un no Kuchi (海ノ口城の合戦) in 1536 was the first major victory for Takeda Harunobu, aged fifteen at the time. He would later take on the name Takeda Shingen, and grow to become one of Japan's most famous warlords.

Harunobu's father, Takeda Nobutora, attacked Hiraga Genshin in his fortress at Un no Kuchi, but was forced to retreat. Harunobu, at the rear of the withdrawing forces, waited until they were clear of the fortress, and then turned around, leading his men to defeat a castle garrison which was caught unprepared, having seen the Takeda flee.


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