Battle of Victory

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Battle of Victory
Participant in the Syrian Civil War
Battle of Victory logo.png
Active23 April – June 2015[1]
Group(s)Al-Nusra Front
Ahrar ash-Sham
Ansar al-Sham
Jaysh al-Islam
Jabhat Ansar al-Din
Junud al-Sham[2]
Turkistan Islamic Party
Area of operationsIdlib Governorate, Hama Governorate, and Latakia Governorate, Syria[2]
Size12,000+ fighters[citation needed]
AlliesFree Syrian Army[3]
Alwiya al-Furqan[3]
Army of Mujahedeen[4]
Opponent(s)Syrian Armed Forces
Battles and war(s)Syrian Civil War

The Battle of Victory (Arabic: معركة النصر‎, Maarakat an-Nasr), also known as "Tahrir Sahl al-Ghab" was an operations room created by Syrian rebel factions in April 2015, with the goal of capturing the city of Jisr al-Shughur and the surrounding areas in northwestern Syria, from the control of Syrian government forces.[1] The operations room was modelled on the Army of Conquest, which captured Idlib city, and features many of the same groups.[1]

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