Battle of Villarrobledo

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Battle of Villarrobledo
Part of First Carlist War
Date 20 September 1836
Location Villarrobledo, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
Result Liberal victory

Carlists supporting

Infante Carlos of Spain
Liberals (Isabelinos or Cristinos) supporting
Isabella II of Spain and her regent mother Maria Christina
Commanders and leaders
Miguel Gómez Damas
Ramón Cabrera y Griñó
Isidro de Alaix Fábregas
Diego de León y Navarrete
4,000 (Gómez’s forces) ~10,000
Casualties and losses
200 dead and wounded, 500 prisoners[1] Unknown

The Battle of Villarrobledo was a battle of the First Carlist War, occurring on September 20, 1836, south of Villarrobledo at a campground called Vega de San Cristóbal, which lies near a hermitage of the same name. However, there were also casualties reported in Villarrobledo proper.

The forces engaged in the battle consisted of


3rd Division: Gen. Alaix - I and II bat. Principe - I and II bat. Cordova - I and II bat. Almansa - 4 Guides coys. Cavalry: D. Diego de Leon - Princess Hussars (150 troopers) - 1st and 5th Light Cavalry (200 troopers) TOTAL: 4000 inf and 350 cav

CARLISTAS Gen. Goméz 5 battalions 5 squadrons

Aragón Division: Cabrera

Aragonese Brigade: D. José Marín, "el Serrador" - 3 Battalions Valencian Brigade: D. Joaquín Quilez - 2 Battalions Cavalry: - 580 troopers (6 squadrons)

The battle was a major defeat for the Carlist general Miguel Gómez Damas, and his forces suffered large casualties, as well as the loss of large amounts of munitions.[1]

For his victory, Isidro de Alaix Fábregas was given the title of Viscount of Villarrobledo (Vizconde de Villarrobledo) and was awarded the Cross of Saint Ferdinand (Cruz Laureada de San Fernando).


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Coordinates: 39°16′00″N 2°36′00″W / 39.2667°N 2.6000°W / 39.2667; -2.6000