Battle of Volochayevka

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Battle of Volochayevka
Part of Russian Civil War
Сопка Июнь-Корань ЕАО.JPG
The hill on which the battle took place.
Date 5–14 February 1922
Location Volochayevka (now Jewish Autonomous Oblast), Russia
Result Red victory, retaking of Khabarovsk.
 Far Eastern Republic Russia White movement
Commanders and leaders
Far Eastern Republic Vasily Blyukher Russia Viktorin Molchanov

6300 infantry
3 armored trains

2 tanks (FT-17)

3850 infantry
13 cannons

2 armored trains
Casualties and losses
1128: 128 KIA, 800 wounded, 200. According to another source - 2000, 600 of them KIA. 1100: 400 KIA, 700 wounded

The battle of Volochayevka is one of the most notable battles of the Russian Civil War. It occurred on 5–14 February 1922 near Volochayevka station on the Amur Railway, not far from Khabarovsk.