Battle of Voronezh (1943)

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Battle of Voronezh (1943)
Part of World War II
Date January 15-25, 1943
Location Voronezh, Soviet Union
Result Soviet victory
 Soviet Union
Commanders and leaders
unknown unknown
327,900 men, 960 tanks 987,000 men, 2,100 tanks
Casualties and losses
58,000 dead, wounded, missing, about 20,000 taken prisoner about 75,000 overall

The 1943 battle of Voronezh (often credited in Russian as the liberation of Voronezh (освобождение Воронежа)) was a Soviet counter-offensive on recapturing the city of Voronezh during the Ostrogozhsk-Rossoshansk and Voronezh-Kastornensk operations on the Eastern Front of World War II. The Nazis had captured the city in a 1942 battle.