Battle of Wólka Węglowa

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Battle of Wólka Węglowa
Part of Invasion of Poland
Date September 19, 1939
Location Wólka Węglowa (near Warsaw), Poland
Result Pyrrhic Polish victory
 Poland  Germany
Commanders and leaders
Poland Edward Godlewski Nazi Germany Hans Schuber
2 cavalry regiments
(1,000 men)
2,300 men and 37 tanks
Casualties and losses
105 killed
100 wounded
52 killed
70 wounded

Battle of Wólka Węglowa (Polish: Bitwa pod Wólką Węglową) refers to the battle on September 19, 1939, that took place near Wólka Węglowa (near Warsaw), during the last stages of the Polish counteroffensive (Battle of the Bzura) of the Invasion of Poland.[1]


A monument commemorating the battle at Kampinos

The battle of Wólka Węglowa was a cavalry battle, as Polish Uhlan cavalry (14th Regiment of Jazlowiec Uhlans of Podolska Cavalry Brigade and elements of the 9th Regiment of Lesser Poland Uhlans) retreating towards Warsaw encountered German units. The commanding officer of the 14th Regiment, Col. Edward Godlewski ordered a cavalry charge. German infantry was taken by surprise, but machine guns and tanks hidden nearby opened fire on the cavalry. Eventually Polish units broke through towards Warsaw, as intended, but at the cost of heavy losses (105 killed, 100 wounded - about 20% of their initial strength).

The battle was witnessed and described by Italian war correspondent Mario Appelius.


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Coordinates: 52°17′45″N 20°53′02″E / 52.295896°N 20.883926°E / 52.295896; 20.883926