Battle of Wadi Musa

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Battle of Wadi Musa
Part of Arab Revolt of the Middle Eastern theatre of World War I
DateOctober 23, 1917
Result Arab victory
Arab Revolt Kingdom of Hejaz Turkish Empire
Commanders and leaders
Arab Revolt Mawlud Mukhlis Djemal Pasha
700 men Large Infantry formation
3 biplanes
Casualties and losses
Unknown 400 killed
300 captured

The Battle of Wadi Musa was fought between the Arab Army and the Ottoman Empire during the Arab Revolt of 1916–1918.

The battle began when General Djemal Pasha ordered his forces to secure the Hejaz Railway by "any and all means necessary". The Ottoman Army at Ma'an was sent to deal with the North Arab Army.[1] The Ottomans were ambushed by 700 Arab troops, inflicting heavy casualties and capturing 300 men. The remaining Ottoman forces retreated, leaving the railway uncaptured. After the battle, the Arabs rode further north to chase the retreating Turkish forces.


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