Battle of Wiesloch (1632)

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For the battle near Wiesloch in 1622, see Battle of Mingolsheim.
Battle of Wiesloch (1632)
Part of Thirty Years War
Battle of Wiesloch (1632)
Date 16 August 1632
Location Wiesloch
Result Swedish victory
 Sweden Holy Roman Empire Holy Roman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Count Gustav Horn Count Ernesto Montecuccoli

The Battle of Wiesloch (German: Schlacht bei Wiesloch) occurred on 16 August 1632 during the Thirty Years' War near the German city of Wiesloch, south of Heidelberg. A Swedish army led by Count Gustav Horn fought an army of the Holy Roman Empire led by Count Ernesto Montecuccoli. The battle resulted in a Swedish victory.

Coordinates: 49°17′36″N 8°40′19″E / 49.29333°N 8.67194°E / 49.29333; 8.67194