Battle of Woden's Burg (715)

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Battle of Woden's Burg (715) naberlan
Date 715
Location Adam's Grave, Wiltshire
Result Unknown
West Saxons Unknown

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle records a battle fought in the year 715 at Woden's Burg, the neolithic long barrow now known as Adam's Grave, near Marlborough, Wiltshire. The entry states: "Her Ine 7 Ceolred fuhton æt Woddes beorge." (There Ine and Ceolred fought at Woden's hill.)

Ine was king of Anglo-Saxon Wessex and Ceolred was king of Anglo-Saxon Mercia. The identity of the opposing force is not recorded.[1]

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle also records an earlier battle on the same site. The area was of strategic importance since it lay near the intersection of the ancient Ridgeway with Wansdyke.


  1. ^ From the phrasing of the entry, using 7 rather than wiþ, it is unlikely Ine and Ceolred fought against one another.

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