Battle of Yarkand

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Battle of Yarkand
Part of the Kumul Rebellion
Date April 1934
Location Yarkand, Xinjiang
Result Chinese Muslim victory
Taiwan Republic of China 36th Division (National Revolutionary Army) First East Turkestan RepublicFirst East Turkestan Republic
Commanders and leaders

Taiwan Ma Zhancang

Taiwan Ma Fuyuan
Abdullah Bughra  
Several hundred Chinese Muslim troops Several hundred Turkic Muslim Uighur, Kirghiz and Afghan volunteers
Casualties and losses
light All Uighurs, Kirghiz and Afghans wiped out

The Battle of Yarkhand was a confrontation that took place in April 1934 at Yarkand, Xinjiang, China. Gen. Ma Zhancang's Chinese Muslim army defeated Uighur and Afghan volunteers sent by King Mohammed Zahir Shah, and killed them all. The emir Abdullah Bughra was killed and beheaded, his head being put on display at Idgah mosque.[1][2]


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