Battle of Yeavering

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Battle of Yeavering
Part of Anglo-Scottish Wars
Date 1415
Location Yeavering, Northumberland, England
Result English Victory
England Kingdom of England Scotland Kingdom of Scotland
Commanders and leaders
Robert Umfraville
440 4000

The Battle of Yeavering (or Battle of Geteryne) was fought in 1415 between English and Scottish forces near Yeavering in Northumberland. A small English force consisting of 440 men led by the Earl of Westmoreland defeated 4000 Scots.[1][dubious ] Fought in the same year as the Battle of Agincourt, which famously demonstrated the efficacy of the longbow against cavalry, it is notable that the English side at Yeavering consisted mostly of archers.

The site is marked by a Battle Stone, probably originally a Bronze Age standing stone.

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Coordinates: 55°34′01″N 2°06′46″W / 55.56694°N 2.11278°W / 55.56694; -2.11278