Battle of Yesil Kol Nor

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Battle of Yesil Kol Nor
Part of the Ten Great Campaigns
Battle of Yesil-kol-nor.jpg
DateSeptember 1759
LocationYechil Koul Nor (Lake), Xinjiang
Result Qing victory
Qing Empire Khwāja-i Jahān and Burhān al-Dīn
Commanders and leaders
Fu De
Khwāja-i Jahān
Burhān al-Dīn
10,000 infantry
10 zamburaks
20 cannons
10,000 infantry
Casualties and losses
Unknown 2,000 surrendered
many dead and wounded

The Battle of Yesil Kol Nor is an 18th-century war painting created by Chinese court painters and European Jesuit monks. It was commissioned by the Qianlong Emperor of the Chinese Qing Empire as part of an order of 16 large battle paintings (8 metres wide by 4 metres tall) to commemorate battles that took place in Qurman, Xinjiang province in February 1759. The battles resulted in the Qing Empire successfully regaining control of Xinjiang from Turks who had occupied the province following the ousting of the Dzungar people from the region by Qing forces.[1]

The plinth of Chinese Monument set by the Lake Yashilkul, photoed by the Russian in the 19th century.


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