Battle of the Dardanelles (1657)

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For other battles with the same name, see Battle of the Dardanelles.
Fourth Battle of the Dardanelles
Part of the Ottoman-Venetian War over Crete
Date 17–19 July 1657
Location Dardanelles Straits, NE Aegean Sea
Result Ottoman strategic success
 Republic of Venice
Sovereign Military Order of Malta Order of Saint John
 Papal States
Fictitious Ottoman flag 4.svg Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Republic of Venice Lazzaro Mocenigo   Fictitious Ottoman flag 4.svg Topal Mehmed Pasha
29 sailing ships
7 galeasses
31 galleys
28 sailing ships
9 galleasses
10 galleys

The Fourth Battle of the Dardanelles in the Fifth Ottoman-Venetian War took place between 17 and 19 July 1657 outside the mouth of the Dardanelles Strait. The Ottomans succeeded in breaking the Venetian blockade over the Straits.

Ships involved[edit]

Venice and allies[edit]

Several ships were hired Dutch

Aquila Coronata (Dutch Kronede Arend)
San Giorgio (Zorzi) grande (Dutch Groote Sint Joris)
Profeta Elia
Rosa Moceniga
Zardin d'Olanda (Hollandsche Tuyn)
Principessa Reale
Principe di Venezia
Piccola Fortuna
Principessa grande
Principessa piccola
Gallo d'Oro
7 other sailing ships
7 galleasses
4 galleys - flag galley, under Mocenigo, blew up the next day

Ottoman Empire[edit]

18 sailing ships - 4 lost, 1 captured
10 galleasses - 1 sunk, 1 captured and several burnt about 3 days later
30 galleys - 1 captured that day or the next day
many transports and smaller vessels nearby