Battle of the Harpasus

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Battle of the Harpasus
Date 229 BC
Location Harpasus river, Caria
Result Pergamese victory
Kingdom of Pergamon Seleucid Empire
Commanders and leaders
Attalus I Antiochus Hierax

The Battle of the Harpasus was fought in 229 BC between the Pergamese and Seleucid armies on the banks of the Harpasus River, a tributary of the Maeander River in Caria. The battle on the Harpasus was the last battle of the war between King Attalus I of Pergamon and the Seleucid prince Antiochus Hierax over dominion of western Anatolia.[1] Attalus won a decisive victory and Hierax started a failed campaign in Mesopotamia that would lead to his defeat and later death at Egypt.[1]


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