Battle of Suzdal

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Battle of Suzdal
Part of Russo-Kazan Wars
Date July 7, 1445
Location Suzdal, Muscovy
Result Decisive Tatar victory
Khanate of Kazan Muscovy
Commanders and leaders
Mäxmüd Vasily II (POW)

The Battle of Suzdal or the Battle of the Kamenka River was fought of July 7, 1445 between Russians under Vasily II and Tatars troops of Oluğ Möxämmäd, invaded the principality of Nizhny Novgorod. Russians were defeated by troops of beg Mäxmüd, who became Mäxmüd of Kazan some after the battle. Vasily was taken prisoner and was set free only after the enormous ransom was paid. He also promised restitution of the lands of Mishar Yurt, that were bought from Tokhtamysh in 1343. Qasim Khanate was founded there to become a buffer state and the vassal of Muscovy later.


Coordinates: 56°26′N 40°26′E / 56.433°N 40.433°E / 56.433; 40.433