Battle of the Save

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Battle of the Save
Date 388
Location Sava river, near Siscia, modern Croatia
Result Eastern Roman victory
Eastern Roman Empire forces of Magnus Maximus
Commanders and leaders
Theodosius I Magnus Maximus

The Battle of the Save was fought in 388 between the forces of Roman usurper Magnus Maximus and the Eastern Roman Empire.[1] Emperor Theodosius I defeated Magnus Maximus's army in battle. Later Maximus was captured and executed at Aquileia.

A feature of the battle is the use by Theodosius of Hun mercenaries, who apparently were stirrup-equipped horse archers. Maximus' Western Roman Empire forces probably lacked such troops. They were devastating, and Maximus, who had gained the whole Western Empire through strategic prowess, was decisively defeated.


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Coordinates: 46°25′07″N 15°52′17″E / 46.4186°N 15.8714°E / 46.4186; 15.8714