Battle of the Spurs (Kansas)

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The so-called Battle of the Spurs took place about 7 miles (11 km) north of Holton, Kansas, near Netawaka, Kansas, on January 31, 1859. Abolitionist John Brown, together with J. H. Kagi and Aaron Dwight Stevens, was escorting a group of 12 escaped slaves from the slave state of Missouri to freedom in Iowa. At Straight Creek they faced a posse of U.S. marshals and others, who hoped to earn the $3,000 reward posted for Brown's capture. Brown, who "inspired terror in his enemies",[1] faced a posse of 45 while his party only consisted of 21, including women and children. Brown led his party straight ahead, and the posse turned and ran in panic. Not a shot was fired nor a rifle raised.[2] "Free-Staters labeled the confrontation the 'Battle of the Spurs,' in mocking reference to the proslavery posse fleeing on horseback."[1] There is a historical marker.[3]

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