Battle of the Thames order of battle

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The following units and commanders of the American, British and Native American armed forces Battle of the Thames during the War of 1812.

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military Rank[edit]


  • w = wounded
  • k = killed
  • m = missing

American Forces[edit]

Army of the Northwest: MG William Henry Harrison

General Staff

  • Inspector-General: Col George Walker
  • Military Secretary: Maj William T. Barry
  • Judge Advocate General: Maj Thomas Barr
  • Adjutant General: Joseph McDowell
Unit Regiments and Other
U.S. Regular Army

Kentucky Militia[edit]

Governor Isaac Shelby[1]

General Staff

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

1st Division
     BG William Henry

First Brigade

   Col George Trotter[2]

  • 1st Infantry Regiment: Col George Trotter
  • 2nd Infantry Regiment: Col John Donaldson
Third Brigade

   BG John Edward King

  • 5th Infantry Regiment: Col Henry Renick
  • 7th Infantry Regiment: Col Micah Taul
Fourth Brigade

   BG James Allen

  • 6th Infantry Regiment: Col Richard Davenport
  • 7th Infantry Regiment: Col John Calloway

Second Division
     BG Joseph Desha

Second Brigade

   BG David Chiles

  • 3rd Infantry Regiment: Col John Poagle
  • 4th Infantry Regiment: Col William Mountjoy
Second Brigade

   BG Samuel Caldwell

  • 9th Infantry Regiment: Col John Simrall
  • 10th Infantry Regiment: Col Philip Barbour

  • 11th Infantry Regiment: Col William Williams

British & Native American Forces[edit]

MG Henry Procter


Tecumseh's Confederacy[edit]



  1. ^ Organization of the Kentucky Militia forces (Young pp.38-43)
  2. ^ The First brigade was assigned to BG Marquis Calmes who was absent at the time of the battle. Col Trotter commanded in his place.