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The list of battleships includes all battleships and ironclads since 1859, listed alphabetically.

Name Launched Country of origin Class Notes Role
Abdül Kadir Never launched  Ottoman Empire Never launched, scrapped in the slipway 1914 Pre-dreadnought
Achilles 1863.12.23  United Kingdom Broadside ironclad Armoured frigate
Admiral Chichagov 1868.10.13  Russian Empire Admiral Spiridov class Monitor
Admiral Greig 1867.10.30  Russian Empire Admiral Lazarev class Monitor
Admiral Lazarev 1867.09.21  Russian Empire Admiral Lazarev class Coastal monitor
Admiral Seniavin 1894.08.22  Russian Empire Admiral Ushakov class Coastal defence ship
Admiral Spiridov 1868.08.28  Russian Empire Admiral Spiridov class Coastal monitor
Admiral Ushakov 1893.11.01  Russian Empire Admiral Ushakov class Coastal defence ship
Affondatore 1865.11.03  Italy Affondatore class Ironclad ram
Africa 1904.05.20  United Kingdom King Edward VII class Pre-dreadnought
Agamemnon (1879) 1879.09.17  United Kingdom Ajax class
Agamemnon (1906) 1906.06.23  United Kingdom Lord Nelson class Pre-dreadnought
Agincourt (1865) 1865.03.27  United Kingdom Minotaur class
Agincourt (1913) 1913.01.22  United Kingdom Seized Ottoman Sultân Osmân-ı Evvel Dreadnought
Ägir 1895.04.03  German Empire Odin class
Ajax (1880) 1880.03.10  United Kingdom Ajax class
Ajax (1912) 1912.03.21  United Kingdom King George V class Dreadnought
Aki 1907.04.14  Japan Satsuma class Pre-dreadnought
Alabama (BB-8) 1898.05.18  United States Illinois class Pre-dreadnought
Alabama (BB-60) 1942.02.16  United States South Dakota class Modern Battleship
Albemarle 1901.03.05  United Kingdom Duncan class Pre-dreadnought
Albion 1898.06.21  United Kingdom Canopus class Pre-dreadnought
Alexandra 1875.04.07  United Kingdom
Alfonso XIII 1913.05.07  Spain España class
Almirante Brown 1880.10.06  Argentina central battery ironclad
Almirante Cochrane 1874.01.23  Chile
Almirante Latorre 1913.11.27  Chile Almirante Latorre class Ex-HMS Canada
Amiral Baudin 1883.06.05  France Amiral Baudin class
Amiral Duperré 1879.09.11  France
Ammiraglio di Saint Bon 1897.04.29  Italy Ammiraglio di Saint Bon class
Ancona 1864.10.17  Italy Regina Maria Pia class
Andrea Doria (1885) 1885.11.21  Italy Ruggiero di Lauria class
Andrea Doria 1913.03.30  Italy Andrea Doria class Dreadnought
Andrei Pervozvanny 1906.10.30  Russian Empire Andrei Pervozvanny class Pre-dreadnought
Anson (1886) 1886.02.17  United Kingdom Admiral class
Anson (79) 1940.02.24  United Kingdom King George V class Modern Battleship
Arapiles 1864.10.17  Spain Broadside Ironclad
Arizona 1915.06.19  United States Pennsylvania class Sunk at the Raid on Pearl Harbor
Arkansas 1911.01.14  United States Wyoming class
Arminius 1864.08.20  German Empire Monitor
Árpád 1901.09.11  Austria-Hungary Habsburg class
Asahi 1899.03.13  Japan
Audacious (1869) 1869.02.27  United Kingdom Audacious class
Audacious (1912) 1912.09.14  United Kingdom King George V class Dreadnought
Babenberg 1902  Austria-Hungary Habsburg class
Baden (1880) 1880.07.28  German Empire Sachsen class
Baden (1915) 1915.10.30  German Empire Bayern class Dreadnought
Barbaros Hayreddin 1910  Ottoman Empire Brandenburg class Ex-SMS Kurfürst Friedrich Wilhelm
Barfleur 1892  United Kingdom Centurion class
Barham 1914  United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth class Dreadnought
Bayern (1878) 1878.05.13  German Empire Sachsen class
Bayern (1915) 1915.02.18  German Empire Bayern class Dreadnought
Béarn 1920  France Normandie class Converted to aircraft carrier
Belleisle 1876.02.12  United Kingdom Belleisle class Bought Ottoman ironclad Peyk-i Şeref
Bellerophon 1908  United Kingdom Bellerophon class Dreadnought
Belliqueuse 1865.09.06  France Wooden-hulled armored corvette
Benbow (1885) 1885  United Kingdom Admiral class
Benbow (1913) 1914  United Kingdom Iron Duke class Flagship of Admiral Doveton Sturdee Dreadnought
Benedetto Brin 1901  Italy Regina Margherita class
Beowulf 1890.11.08  German Empire Siegfried class
Bismarck 1940  Germany Bismarck class Sunk by British battleships King George V and Rodney. Modern Battleship
Black Prince 1861.02.27  United Kingdom Warrior class
Blanco Encalada 1875.05.08  Chile
Borodino 1901  Russian Empire Borodino class Pre-dreadnought
Bouvet 1896  France
Brandenburg 1893  German Empire Brandenburg class
Braunschweig 1904  German Empire Braunschweig class Pre-dreadnought
Brennus 1891  France
Bretagne 1913  France Bretagne class Dreadnought
Britannia 1904  United Kingdom King Edward VII class Pre-dreadnought
Bronenosets 1864.03.24  Russian Empire Uragan class
Budapest 1896  Austria-Hungary Monarch class
Buffel 1868.03.10  Kingdom of the Netherlands Buffel class
Bulwark 1899  United Kingdom Formidable class
Büruç-u Zafer 1879.01.23  Ottoman Empire Belleisle class Later HMS Orion
Caïman 1885  France Terrible class
Caio Duilio (1876) 1876.05.08  Italy Caio Duilio class
Caio Duilio (1913) 1913  Italy Andrea Doria class
Caledonia (1862) 1862.10.24  United Kingdom Prince Consort class
California 1915  United States Tennessee class Sunk at the Raid on Pearl Harbor. Raised 1942.
Camperdown 1885  United Kingdom Admiral class
Canada 1915  United Kingdom Bought Chilean Almirante Latorre
Canopus 1897  United Kingdom Canopus class Fired the first shots at the Battle off the Falkands Pre-dreadnought
Capitán Prat 1890.12.20  Chile
Captain 1869.03.27  United Kingdom Sunk in a storm
Carnot 1894  France
Castelfidardo 1863.08.01  Italy Regina Maria Pia class
Centurion (1892) 1892  United Kingdom Centurion class
Centurion (1911) 1912  United Kingdom King George V class Dreadnought
Charlemagne 1895  France Charlemagne class
Charles Martel 1893  France
Charodeika 1867.09.12  Russian Empire Charodeika class Coastal monitor
Chesma 1886  Russian Empire Ekaterina II class
Colbert 1875.09.15  France Colbert class
Collingwood (1882) 1882  United Kingdom Admiral class
Collingwood (1908) 1910  United Kingdom St. Vincent class Dreadnought
Colorado 1921  United States Colorado class Modern Battleship
Colossus (1882) 1882  United Kingdom Colossus class
Colossus (1910) 1910  United Kingdom Colossus class Dreadnought
Commonwealth 1903  United Kingdom King Edward VII class Pre-dreadnought
Condorcet 1909  France Danton class
Connecticut 1906  United States Connecticut class Pre-dreadnought
Conqueror 1912  United Kingdom Orion class Dreadnought
Conte di Cavour 1911  Italy Conte di Cavour class
Conte Verde 1867.07.29  Italy Principe di Carignano class
Cornwallis 1901  United Kingdom Duncan class Pre-dreadnought
Courbet (1882) 1882.04.27  France Dévastation class
Courbet (1911) 1911  France Courbet class
Couronne 1861.03.28  France Broadside ironclad
Custoza 1872.08.20  Austria-Hungary
Dandolo 1878  Italy Caio Duilio class
Danmark 1864.02.23  Denmark
Dannebrog 1864.03.30  Denmark
Dante Alighieri 1910  Italy
Danton 1909  France Danton class
De Ruyter 1901.09.28  Kingdom of the Netherlands Koningin Regentes class
De Zeven Provinciën 1909.03.15  Kingdom of the Netherlands Coastal defense ship
Defence 1861.04.24  United Kingdom Defence class Broadside Ironclad
Delaware 1910  United States Delaware class
Démocratie 1904  France Liberté class
Deutschland (1874) 1874.09.12  German Empire Kaiser class
Deutschland (1904) 1906  German Empire Deutschland class Pre-dreadnought
Dévastation (1879) 1879.08.19  France Dévastation class
Devastation 1871.07.12  United Kingdom Devastation class
Diderot 1909  France Danton class
Dingyuan 1881.12.28  Qing dynasty Dingyuan class
Dominion 1903  United Kingdom King Edward VII class
Don Juan d'Austria (1862) 1862.07.26  Austrian Empire Kaiser Max class
Don Juan d'Austria (1875) 1875.10.25  Austria-Hungary Kaiser Max class
Drache 1861.09.09  Austrian Empire Drache class Broadside Ironclad
Dreadnought (1875) 1875.03.08  United Kingdom
Dreadnought (1906) 1906  United Kingdom First dreadnought Dreadnought
Duke of York 1940  United Kingdom King George V class Modern Battleship
Duncan 1901  United Kingdom Duncan class Pre-dreadnought
Dunderberg 1865.07.22  United States Casemate Ironclad
Dunkerque 1935  France Dunkerque class
Duque de Tetuán 1874.00.00  Spain Floating Battery Ironclad
Dvenadsat Apostolov 1890  Russian Empire
Edinburgh 1882  United Kingdom Colossus class
Edinorog 1864.06.02  Russian Empire Uragan class
Ekaterina II 1886  Russian Empire Ekaterina II class
El Plata 1874.08.29  Argentina El Plata class Coastal defense ship
Elsass 1904  German Empire Braunschweig class Pre-dreadnought
Emanuele Filiberto 1897  Italy Ammiraglio di Saint Bon class
Emperor of India 1914  United Kingdom Iron Duke class Dreadnought
Empress of India 1891  United Kingdom Royal Sovereign class
Erin 1914  United Kingdom Seized Ottoman Reşadiye Dreadnought
Erzherzog Albrecht 1872.04.24  Austria-Hungary
Erzherzog Ferdinand Max (1865) 1865.05.24  Austrian Empire Erzherzog Ferdinand Max class Broadside Ironclad
Erzherzog Ferdinand Max (1905) 1905.05.21  Austria-Hungary Erzherzog Karl class
Erzherzog Franz Ferdinand 1908  Austria-Hungary Radetzky class
Erzherzog Friedrich 1904  Austria-Hungary Erzherzog Karl class
Erzherzog Karl 1903  Austria-Hungary Erzherzog Karl class
España 1912  Spain España class
Evertsen 1894.09.29  Kingdom of the Netherlands Evertsen class Coastal defense ship
Evstafi 1906  Russian Empire Evstafi class
Exmouth 1901  United Kingdom Duncan class
Flandre 1864.06.12  France Provence class
Florida 1911  United States Florida class
Formidabile 1861.10.01  Italy Formidabile class
Formidable 1885  France Amiral Baudin class
Formidable 1898  United Kingdom Formidable class Pre-dreadnought
France 1912  France Courbet class
Francesco Morosini 1885  Italy Ruggiero di Lauria class
Friedland 1873.10.25  France
Friedrich Carl 1867.01.16  German Empire
Friedrich der Grosse (1874) 1874.09.20  German Empire Preussen class
Friedrich der Grosse (1911) 1911  German Empire Kaiser class Pre-dreadnought
Frithjof 1891.07.21  German Empire Siegfried class
Frunze 1926  Soviet Union Gangut class Ex-Poltava
Fuji 1896  Japan Fuji class Participated in the Battle of Tsushima Pre-dreadnought
Fusō 1914  Japan Fusō class Sunk at the Battle of Surigao Straight Dreadnought
Gangut (1893) 1893.11.01  Russian Empire Coastal defence ship
Gangut (1911) 1911.10.20  Russian Empire Gangut class Later Soviet Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya
Gascogne 1914  France Normandie class
Gaulois 1896  France Charlemagne class
Gauloise 1865.04.26  France Provence class
General Admiral Graf Apraksin 1896.05.12  Russian Empire Admiral Ushakov class
General Alekseyev 1920  Soviet Union Imperatritsa Mariya class Originally Imperator Aleksandr III
Georgia 1902  United States Virginia class Pre-dreadnought
Georgii Pobedonosets 1892  Russian Empire Ekaterina II class
Giulio Cesare 1911  Italy Conte di Cavour class Later Soviet Novorossiysk
Glatton 1871.03.08  United Kingdom
Gloire 1859.11.24  France Gloire class Broadside ironclad
Glory 1899  United Kingdom Canopus class Pre-dreadnought
Gneisenau 1936  Germany Scharnhorst class Modern Battleship
Goliath 1898  United Kingdom Canopus class Pre-dreadnought
Gorm 1870.05.17  Denmark
Grazhdanin 1901  Russian Empire Ex-Russian battleship Tsesarevich
Grosser Kurfürst (1875) 1875.09.17  German Empire Preussen class
Grosser Kurfürst (1913) 1914  German Empire König class Dreadnought
Guinea 1870.05.05  Kingdom of the Netherlands Buffel class
Guyenne 1865.09.06  France Provence class
Habsburg (1865) 1865.06.24  Austrian Empire Erzherzog Ferdinand Max class
Habsburg (1900) 1900.09.09  Austria-Hungary Habsburg class
Hagen 1893.10.21  German Empire Siegfried class
Hamidieh 1875.11.16  Ottoman Empire Superb class Ex-HMS Superb
Hannover 1906  German Empire Deutschland class Pre-dreadnought
Hansa 1872.10.26  German Empire
Hatsuse 1899  Japan Fuji class Pre-dreadnought
Hector 1862.09.26  United Kingdom Hector class Broadside ironclad
Heimdall 1892.07.27  German Empire Siegfried class
Helgoland 1878.05.09  Denmark
Helgoland 1911  German Empire Helgoland class Participated in the Battle of Jutland Dreadnought
Henri IV 1899  France
Hercules 1910  United Kingdom Colossus class Dreadnought
Hero 1885  United Kingdom Conqueror class
Héroïne 1863.12.10  France Provence class
Hertog Hendrik 1902.06.07  Kingdom of the Netherlands Koningin Regentes class
Hessen 1904  German Empire Braunschweig class
Hibernia 1905  United Kingdom King Edward VII class Pre-dreadnought
Hildebrand 1892.08.06  German Empire Siegfried class
Hindustan 1903  United Kingdom King Edward VII class Pre-dreadnought
Hizen 1905  Japan Ex-Russian Retvizan Pre-dreadnought
Hoche 1886  France
Hood 1893  United Kingdom Modified Royal Sovereign class
Hotspur 1870.03.19  United Kingdom
Howe (1885) 1885  United Kingdom Admiral class
Howe (32) 1940  United Kingdom King George V class Modern Battleship
Hyūga 1917  Japan Ise class Hybrid aircraft carrier
Idaho (BB-24) 1908  United States Mississippi class
Idaho (BB-42) 1917  United States New Mexico class
Iéna 1898  France
Iki 1905  Japan Ex-Russian Imperator Nikolai I
Illinois (BB-7) 1901  United States Illinois class Renamed Prairie State Pre-dreadnought
Illinois (BB-65) Cancelled  United States Iowa class Cancelled prior to completion, dismantled on builder's ways September 1958
Imperatritsa Ekaterina Velikaya 1913  Russian Empire Imperatritsa Mariya class Later Soviet Svobodnaya Rossiya
Imperatritsa Mariya 1913  Russian Empire Imperatritsa Mariya class
Imperator Aleksandr II 1887  Russian Empire Imperator Aleksandr II class
Imperator Aleksandr III (1901) 1901  Russian Empire Borodino class Pre-dreadnought
Imperator Aleksandr III (1914) 1914  Russian Empire Imperatritsa Mariya class Later Soviet Volia
Imperator Nikolai I 1889  Russian Empire Imperator Aleksandr II class Later Japanese Iki
Imperator Nikolai I 1916  Russian Empire
Imperator Pavel I 1907  Russian Empire Andrei Pervozvanny class
Impero 1939  Italy Littorio class Modern Battleship
Implacable 1899  United Kingdom Formidable class Pre-dreadnought
Independencia 1891.02.26  Argentina Libertad class
Indiana (BB-1) 1895  United States Indiana class Pre-dreadnought
Indiana (BB-58) 1942  United States South Dakota class Modern Battleship
Indomptable 1883  France Terrible class
Inflexible 1876 United Kingdom
Invincible 1861.04.04  France Gloire class World's first ironclad
Ioann Zlatoust 1906  Russian Empire Evstafi class
Iowa (BB-4) 1897  United States
Iowa (BB-61) 1943  United States Iowa class Modern Battleship
Iron Duke 1914  United Kingdom Iron Duke class Flagship of Grand Admiral John Jellicoe Super-dreadnought
Irresistible 1899  United Kingdom Formidable class
Ise 1916  Japan Ise class Hybrid aircraft carrier
Italia 1880  Italy Italia class
Iver Hvitfeldt 1886.04.14  Denmark
Iwami 1905  Japan Ex-Russian Oryol Pre-dreadnought
Jacob van Heemskerck 1906.09.22  Kingdom of the Netherlands Coastal defence ship
Jaime I 1919  Spain España class
Jauréguiberry 1893  France
Jean Bart (1911) 1911  France Courbet class
Jean Bart (1940) 1940  France Richelieu class Modern Battleship
Justice 1904  France Liberté class Pre-dreadnought
Jugoslavija 1918  State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs Tegetthoff class Ex-Viribus Unitis
Kaiser (1858) 1871  Austria-Hungary Re-launched as central battery ironclad
Kaiser (1874) 1874.03.19  German Empire Kaiser class
Kaiser (1911) 1911  German Empire Kaiser class Dreadnought
Kaiser Barbarossa 1898  German Empire Kaiser Friedrich III class
Kaiser Franz Joseph I 1889  Austria-Hungary
Kaiser Friedrich III 1898  German Empire Kaiser Friedrich III class
Kaiser Karl der Grosse 1898  German Empire Kaiser Friedrich III class
Kaiser Max (1862) 1862.03.14  Austrian Empire Kaiser Max class Broadside ironclad
Kaiser Max (1875) 1875.12.28  Austria-Hungary Kaiser Max class
Kaiser Wilhelm II 1898  German Empire Kaiser Friedrich III class
Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse 1898  German Empire Kaiser Friedrich III class
Kaiserin 1911  German Empire Kaiser class
Kansas 1906  United States Connecticut class
Kashima 1905  Japan Katori class
Katori 1905  Japan Katori class
Kawachi 1904  Japan Kawachi class
Kearsarge 1900  United States Kearsarge class
Kentucky (BB-6) 1900  United States Kearsarge class
Kentucky (BB-66) Cancelled  United States Iowa class Cancelled prior to completion, her bow was used to repair Wisconsin's bow, in 1956, after she collided with the destroyer Eaton, scrapped in 1959.
King Edward VII 1903  United Kingdom King Edward VII class
King George V (1911) 1911  United Kingdom King George V class
King George V (41) 1939  United Kingdom King George V class Helped sink the German battleship Bismarck
Kniaz Pozharsky 1867.09.12  Russian Empire
Knyaz Suvorov 1902  Russian Empire Borodino class
Koldun 1864.05.08  Russian Empire Uragan class
König 1914  German Empire König class
König Albert 1911  German Empire Kaiser class
König Wilhelm 1868.04.25  German Empire
Koning der Nederlanden 1874.10.28  Kingdom of the Netherlands
Koningin Regentes 1900.04.24  Kingdom of the Netherlands Koningin Regentes class Coastal defence ship
Kortenaer 1894.10.27  Kingdom of the Netherlands Evertsen class
Kreml 1865.08.26  Russian Empire Pervenets class
Kronprinz 1867.05.06  German Empire
Kronprinz Erzherzog Rudolf 1887.06.06  Austria-Hungary
Kronprinz Wilhelm 1914  German Empire König class
Kronprinzessin Erzherzogin Stephanie 1887.04.14  Austria-Hungary
Kurfürst Friedrich Wilhelm 1893  German Empire Brandenburg class Later Ottoman Barbaros Hayreddin
Languedoc 1914  France Normandie class
Latnik 1864.03.22  Russian Empire Uragan class
Lava 1864.06.08  Russian Empire Uragan class
Leonardo da Vinci 1911  Italy Conte di Cavour class
Lepanto 1883  Italy Italia class
Libertad 1890.12.11  Argentina Libertad class Coastal defence ship
Liberté 1905  France Liberté class
Lindormen 1868.08.08  Denmark
Lissa 1869.02.25  Austria-Hungary Central battery ironclad
Littorio 1937  Italy Littorio class
London 1899  United Kingdom Formidable class
Lorraine 1913  France Bretagne class
Los Andes 1874.10.29  Argentina El Plata class
Lothringen 1904  German Empire Braunschweig class
Louisiana 1906  United States Connecticut class
Magenta (1861) 1861.06.22  France Magenta class Broadside ironclad
Magenta (1890) 1890  France Marceau class
Magnanime 1864.08.19  France Provence class
Maine (ACR-1) 1895  United States Sunk in Havana harbor
Maine (BB-10) 1902  United States Maine class
Malaya 1915  United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth class
Marat 1921  Soviet Union Gangut class Ex-Petropavlovsk
Marceau 1887  France Marceau class
Marechal Deodoro 1897  Brazil Marechal Deodoro class
Marechal Floriano 1899  Brazil Marechal Deodoro class
Marengo 1869.12.04  France Océan class
Markgraf 1914  German Empire König class
Marlborough 1914  United Kingdom Iron Duke class
Marten Harpertszoon Tromp 1904.06.15  Kingdom of the Netherlands Coastal defence ship
Maryland 1921  United States Colorado class Modern Battleship
Massachusetts (BB-2) 1896  United States Indiana class
Massachusetts (BB-59) 1942  United States South Dakota class Modern Battleship
Masséna 1895  France
Mecklenburg 1902  German Empire Wittelsbach class
Méndez Núñez 1870.00.00  Spain central battery ironclad rebuilt from wooden-hulled steam-powered 38-gun frigate
Messina 1864.12.20  Italy Principe di Carignano class
Mesûdiye 1874.10.28  Ottoman Empire Superb class
Michigan 1908  United States South Carolina class
Mihail Kogălniceanu 1907  Romania Brătianu-class River monitor converted to coastal monitor in 1918 Coastal monitor
Mikasa 1900  Japan Participated in the Battle of Tsushima
Minas Geraes 1910  Brazil Minas Geraes class
Minnesota 1906  United States Connecticut class
Minotaur 1863.12.12  United Kingdom Minotaur class Broadside ironclad
Mirabeau 1909  France Danton class
Mississippi (BB-23) 1908  United States Mississippi class
Mississippi (BB-41) 1917  United States New Mexico class
Missouri (BB-11) 1901  United States Maine class
Missouri (BB-63) 1944  United States Iowa class Last battleship to be retired out of the US navy Modern Battleship
Monarch (1868) 1868.05.25  United Kingdom
Monarch (1895) 1895  Austria-Hungary Monarch class
Monarch (1911) 1912  United Kingdom Orion class Super-dreadnought
Monitor 1862.01.30  United States Coastal Monitor
Montagu 1901  United Kingdom Duncan class
Moreno 1911  Argentina Rivadavia class
Musashi 1940  Japan Yamato class Most powerful warship in naval history Modern Battleship
Mutsu 1920  Japan Nagato class
Nagato 1919  Japan Nagato class
Napoli 1905  Italy Regina Elena class
Nassau 1908  German Empire Nassau class
Navarin 1891  Russian Empire
Ne Tron Menia 1864.06.23  Russian Empire Pervenets class
Nebraska 1902  United States Virginia class
Nelson 1925  United Kingdom Nelson class
Neptune (1887) 1887  France Marceau class
Neptune (1909) 1911  United Kingdom
Nevada 1914  United States Nevada class
New Jersey (BB-16) 1902  United States Virginia class
New Jersey (BB-62) 1943  United States Iowa class Modern Battleship
New Mexico 1917  United States New Mexico class
New York 1914  United States New York class
New Zealand 1903  United Kingdom King Edward VII class
Nile 1888  United Kingdom Trafalgar class
Normandie (1860) 1860.03.10  France Gloire class
Normandie (1914) 1914  France Normandie class
North Carolina 1941  United States North Carolina class Modern Battleship
North Dakota 1910  United States Delaware class
Northumberland 1866.04.17  United Kingdom Minotaur class
Novgorod 1873.06.02  Russian Empire
Novorossiysk 1911  Soviet Union Ex-Italian Giulio Cesare
Numancia 1863.11.19  Spain Broadside ironclad
Océan 1868.10.15  France Océan class
Ocean (1862) 1863.03.19  United Kingdom Prince Consort class
Ocean (1898) 1898  United Kingdom Canopus class
Odin 1894.11.03  German Empire Odin class Coastal defence ship
Odin 1872.12.12  Denmark
Ohio 1904  United States Maine class
Oklahoma 1914  United States Nevada class
Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya 1925  Soviet Union Gangut class Ex-Gangut
Oldenburg (1884) 1884.12.20  German Empire
Oldenburg (1910) 1910.06.30  German Empire Helgoland class
Oregon 1896  United States Indiana class
Oryol 1905  Russian Empire Borodino class Later Japanese Iwami
Orion (1879) 1879.01.23  United Kingdom Belleisle class Bought Ottoman ironclad Büruç-u Zafer
Orion (1910) 1912  United Kingdom Orion class
Oslyabya 1898  Russian Empire Peresvet class
Ostfriesland 1911  German Empire Helgoland class
Palestro 1871.10.02  Italy Principe Amedeo class
Panteleimon 1905  Russian Empire Ex-Potemkin
Paris 1912  France Courbet class
Parizhskaya Kommuna 1921  Soviet Union Gangut class Ex-Sevastopol
Patrie 1903  France République class
Peder Skram 1864.10.18  Denmark
Pelayo 1887  Spain
Pennsylvania 1915  United States Pennsylvania class
Peresvet 1898  Russian Empire Peresvet class Later Japanese Sagami
Perun 1864.06.30  Russian Empire Uragan class
Pervenets 1863.05.18  Russian Empire Pervenets class
Petr Veliky 1872.08.27  Russian Empire
Petropavlovsk (1865) 1865.08.15  Russian Empire
Petropavlovsk (1894) 1894  Russian Empire Petropavlovsk class
Petropavlovsk (1911) 1911  Russian Empire Gangut class Later Soviet Marat
Peyk-i Şeref 1876.02.12  Ottoman Empire Belleisle class Later HMS Belleisle
Piet Hein 1894.08.16  Kingdom of the Netherlands Evertsen class
Pobeda 1900  Russian Empire Later Japanese Suwo
Poltava (1894) 1894  Russian Empire Petropavlovsk class Later Japanese Tango
Poltava (1911) 1911  Russian Empire Gangut class Later Soviet Frunze
Pommern 1906  German Empire Deutschland class Sunk at the Battle of Jutland
Posen 1908  German Empire Nassau class
Potemkin 1900  Russian Empire Later Panteleimon
Potemkin 1905 Romania Romania 8-9 July 1905
Preussen (1873) 1873.11.22  German Empire Preussen class
Preussen (1903) 1904  German Empire Braunschweig class
Prince Consort (1862) 1862.06.26  United Kingdom Prince Consort class
Prince of Wales (1902) 1902  United Kingdom Formidable class
Prince of Wales (53) 1941  United Kingdom King George V class Modern Battleship
Principe Amedeo 1872.01.15  Italy Principe Amedeo class
Principe di Carignano 1863.09.15  Italy Principe di Carignano class
Prins Hendrik der Nederlanden 1866.10.09  Kingdom of the Netherlands Ironclad turret ship
Prinz Adalbert 1864.06.00  German Empire
Prinz Eugen (1862) 1862.06.14  Austrian Empire Kaiser Max class
Prinz Eugen (1877) 1879.09.07  Austria-Hungary Kaiser Max class
Prinz Eugen (1912) 1912.11.30  Austria-Hungary Tegetthoff class
Prinzregent Luitpold 1911  German Empire Kaiser class
Provence (1863) 1863.10.29  France Provence class
Provence (1913) 1913  France Bretagne class
Puigcerdá 1874.11.19  Spain Monitor
Queen 1902  United Kingdom Formidable class Pre-dreadnought
Queen Elizabeth 1913  United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth class Flagship of Grand Admiral David Beatty Dreadnought
Radetzky 1908  Austria-Hungary Radetzky class
Ramillies (1892) 1892  United Kingdom Royal Sovereign class
Ramillies (07) 1916  United Kingdom Revenge class
Re d'Italia 1863.04.18  Italy Re d'Italia class
Re di Portogallo 1863.08.29  Italy Re d'Italia class
Re Umberto 1888  Italy Re Umberto class
Redoutable (1876) 1876.09.18  France
Regina Elena 1904  Italy Regina Elena class
Regina Margherita 1901  Italy Regina Margherita class
Regina Maria Pia 1863.04.28  Italy Regina Maria Pia class
Renown 1895  United Kingdom Centurion class
République 1902  France République class
Repulse 1892  United Kingdom Royal Sovereign class
Requin 1885  France Terrible class
Reşadiye 1914  Ottoman Empire Reşadiye class Later HMS Erin
Resistance 1861.04.11  United Kingdom Defence class
Resolution (1892) 1892  United Kingdom Royal Sovereign class
Resolution (09) 1915  United Kingdom Revenge class
Retvizan 1905  Russian Empire Later Japanese Hizen
Revanche 1865.12.28  France Provence class
Revenge (1892) 1892  United Kingdom Royal Sovereign class
Revenge (06) 1915  United Kingdom Revenge class Participated in the Battle of Jutland
Rheinland 1908  German Empire Nassau class
Rhode Island 1902  United States Virginia class
Richelieu (1873) 1873.12.03  France
Richelieu (1939) 1939  France Richelieu class Modern Battleship
Rio de Janeiro 1913 Brazil Dreadnought
Rivadavia 1911  Argentina Rivadavia class Dreadnought
Rodney (1884) 1884  United Kingdom Admiral class
Rodney (29) 1925  United Kingdom Nelson class Helped sink German battleship Bismarck Modern Battleship
Rolf Krake 1863.05.06  Denmark
Roma (1865) 1865.12.18  Italy Roma class
Roma (1907) 1909  Italy Regina Elena class
Roma (1940) 1940  Italy Littorio class Modern Battleship
Rostislav 1896  Russian Empire
Royal Oak (1862) 1862.09.10  United Kingdom Prince Consort class
Royal Oak (1892) 1892  United Kingdom Royal Sovereign class
Royal Oak (08) 1914  United Kingdom Revenge class Sunk by a German u-boat in Scapa Flow
Royal Sovereign (1891) 1891  United Kingdom Royal Sovereign class
Royal Sovereign (05) 1915  United Kingdom Revenge class Later Soviet Arkhangelsk
Ruggiero di Lauria 1884  Italy Ruggiero di Lauria class
Rusalka 1867.09.12  Russian Empire Charodeika class
Russell 1901  United Kingdom Duncan class
Sachsen (1877) 1877.07.21  German Empire Sachsen class
Sachsen (1916) 1916.11.21  German Empire Bayern class
Sagami 1905  Japan Ex-Russian Peresvet
Sagunto 1869.04.26  Spain central battery ironclad
Saint Louis 1896  France Charlemagne class
Salamander 1861.08.22  Austrian Empire Drache class
San Martino 1863.09.21  Italy Regina Maria Pia class
Sans Pareil 1887  United Kingdom Victoria class
São Paulo 1910  Brazil Minas Geraes class
Sardegna 1890  Italy Re Umberto class
Satsuma 1904  Japan Satsuma class
Savoie 1863.09.29  France Provence class
Scharnhorst 1936  Germany Scharnhorst class Modern Battleship
Schlesien 1906  German Empire Deutschland class
Schleswig-Holstein 1906  German Empire Deutschland class
Schorpioen 1868.01.18  Kingdom of the Netherlands Schorpioen class
Schwaben 1902  German Empire Wittelsbach class
Settsu 1905  Japan Kawachi class
Sevastopol (1864) 1864.08.12  Russian Empire
Sevastopol (1895) 1895  Russian Empire Petropavlovsk class
Sevastopol (1911) 1911  Russian Empire Gangut class Later Soviet Parizhskaya Kommuna
Shikishima 1898  Japan Shikishima class
Sicilia 1891  Italy Re Umberto class
Siegfried 1889.08.10  German Empire Siegfried class Coastal defence ship
Sissoi Veliky 1894  Russian Empire
Sinop 1887  Russian Empire Ekaterina II class
Slava 1903  Russian Empire Borodino class
Smerch 1864.06.23  Russian Empire Coastal monitor
Solferino 1861.06.24  France Magenta class
South Carolina 1908  United States South Carolina class
South Dakota 1942  United States South Dakota class Modern Battleship
St. Vincent 1910  United Kingdom St. Vincent class
Stier 1868.04.05  Kingdom of the Netherlands Schorpioen class
Strasbourg 1936  France Dunkerque class
Strelets 1864.06.02  Russian Empire Uragan class
Suffren (1870) 1870.12.26  France Océan class
Suffren (1899) 1899  France
Superb (1875) 1875.11.16  United Kingdom Superb class Bought Ottoman ironclad Hamidieh
Superb (1907) 1908  United Kingdom Bellerophon class
Sultan 1870.05.31  United Kingdom
Sultân Osmân-ı Evvel 1914  Ottoman Empire Later HMS Agincourt
Surveillante 1864.08.18  France Provence class
Suwo 1905  Japan Ex-Russian Pobeda
Swiftsure 1870.06.15  United Kingdom Swiftsure class
Szent István 1915  Austria-Hungary Tegetthoff class
Tango 1905  Japan Ex-Russian Poltava
Tegetthoff Hull Number Missing 1878.10.18  Austria-Hungary
Tegetthoff (1912) 1914  Austria-Hungary Tegetthoff class
Temeraire (1876) 1876.05.09  United Kingdom
Temeraire (1907) 1907  United Kingdom Bellerophon class
Tennessee 1919  United States Tennessee class
Terribile 1861.02.16  Italy Formidabile class
Terrible 1881  France Terrible class
Tetuán 1863.03.19  Spain Broadside ironclad
Texas (1892) 1895  United States
Texas (BB-35) 1914  United States New York class Only remaining dreadnought in the world
Thunderer (1872) 1872.03.25  United Kingdom Devastation class
Thunderer (1911) 1912  United Kingdom Orion class
Thüringen 1911  German Empire Helgoland class
Tifon 1864.06.27  Russian Empire Uragan class
Tirpitz 1941  Germany Bismarck class Sunk by British bombers in 1944 Modern Battleship
Tordenskjold 1880.09.30  Denmark
Trafalgar 1887  United Kingdom Trafalgar class
Trident 1876.11.09  France Colbert class
Tri Sviatitelia 1893  Russian Empire
Triumph 1870.09.27  United Kingdom Swiftsure class
Tsesarevich 1901  Russian Empire Later Soviet Grazhdanin
Turgut Reis 1910  Ottoman Empire Brandenburg class Ex-SMS Weissenburg
Uragan 1864.05.27  Russian Empire Uragan class Coastal monitor
Utah 1911  United States Florida class
Valeureuse 1864.08.18  France Provence class
Valiant (1863) 1863.10.14  United Kingdom Hector class
Valiant (1914) 1914  United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth class Participated in the Battle of Jutland
Vanguard (1909) 1910  United Kingdom St. Vincent class
Vanguard (23) 1946  United Kingdom Last battleship ever launched Modern Battleship
Vasco da Gama 1876.12.01  Portugal central battery ironclad
Venerable 1899  United Kingdom Formidable class
Vengeance 1899  United Kingdom Canopus class
Venezia 1869.01.21  Italy Roma class
Vergniaud 1910  France Danton class
Vérité 1907  France Liberté class
Vermont 1906  United States Connecticut class
Veschun 1864.05.08  Russian Empire Uragan class
Victoria 1887  United Kingdom Victoria class
Virginia 1902  United States Virginia class
Viribus Unitis 1912  Austria-Hungary Tegetthoff class Later Serb-Croat-Slovene Jugoslavija
Vitoria 1865.11.04  Spain Broadside ironclad
Vitse-admiral Popov 1875.10.07  Russian Empire
Vittorio Emanuele 1904  Italy Regina Elena class
Vittorio Veneto 1937  Italy Littorio class Modern Battleship
Volia 1917  Soviet Union Imperatritsa Mariya class Later Russian General Alekseyev
Voltaire 1909  France Danton class
Warrior 1860.12.29  United Kingdom Warrior class Broadside ironclad
Warspite 1913  United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth class
Washington (BB-47) 1921  United States Colorado class Cancelled after the signing of the Washington Naval Treaty. Used as a gunnery target Modern Battleship
Washington (BB-56) 1941  United States North Carolina class Modern Battleship
Wien 1895  Austria-Hungary Monarch class
Weissenburg 1893  German Empire Brandenburg class Later Ottoman Turgut Reis
West Virginia 1921  United States Colorado class Modern Battleship
Westfalen 1908  German Empire Nassau class
Wettin 1900  German Empire Wittelsbach class
Wisconsin (BB-9) 1901  United States Illinois class
Wisconsin (BB-64) 1943  United States Iowa class Modern Battleship
Wittelsbach 1902  German Empire Wittelsbach class
Wörth 1893  German Empire Brandenburg class
Württemberg (1878) 1878.11.09  German Empire Sachsen class
Württemberg (1917) 1917.06.20  German Empire Bayern class
Wyoming 1912  United States Wyoming class
Yamashiro 1915  Japan Fusō class Sunk at the Battle of Surigao Straight
Yamato 1940  Japan Yamato class Most powerful warship in naval history Modern Battleship
Yashima 1896  Japan Fuji class
Zähringen 1902  German Empire Wittelsbach class
Zaragoza 1867.02.06  Spain central battery ironclad
Zhenyuan 1882.11.28  Qing dynasty Dingyuan class
Zrínyi 1908  Austria-Hungary Radetzky class

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