Batty Bay

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Batty Bay
Map indicating Batty Bay, Somerset Island, Nunavut, Canada.png
Batty Bay, Somerset Island, Nunavut, Canada.
LocationPrince Regent Inlet
Coordinates73°13′59″N 91°25′0″W / 73.23306°N 91.41667°W / 73.23306; -91.41667 (Batty Bay)Coordinates: 73°13′59″N 91°25′0″W / 73.23306°N 91.41667°W / 73.23306; -91.41667 (Batty Bay)
Basin countriesCanada
Max. length10 km (6.2 mi)

Batty Bay is a narrow bay in the Qikiqtaaluk Region, Nunavut, Canada. It is an arm of Prince Regent Inlet on the eastern side of Somerset Island.


It was an area frequented by Arctic explorers such as Sir John Franklin[1] and Captain John Ross[2] who left his boats here in 1832. William Kennedy (explorer) wintered here in 1852.


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