Batu Khasikov

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Batu Khasikov
Бату Хасиков
Batu Khasikov (2019-07-31).jpg
3rd Head of Kalmykia
Assumed office
20 March 2019
Preceded byAleksey Orlov
Russian Federation Senator
from the Republic of Kalmykia
In office
21 November 2012 – 14 September 2014
Preceded byMikhail Kapura
Succeeded byYury Biryukov
Personal details
Batu Sergeyevich Khasikov

(1980-06-28) June 28, 1980 (age 42)
Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
NationalityRussia Russian
Batu Khasikov
Batu Khasikov (2019-07-31).jpg
Height1.76 m (5 ft 9 in)
StyleKyokushin Karate, Kickboxing
TeamFight Nights
RankInternational Master of Sports in Kickboxing

Master of Sports in Sambo

Black Belt 1st Dan in Kyokushin kaikan

Black belt in Jujutsu

Master of Sports in Hand-to Hand Fighting

Master of Martial Arts

Black Belts 1st Dan in Seiwakai
Kickboxing record
By knockout6
Other information
UniversityMoscow State Pedagogical University

Batu Sergeyevich Khasikov[1] (born June 28, 1980) is a professional Russian kickboxer, multiple world champion, social and political activist, member of the People's Khural of Kalmykia (2008–2012) and representative for the Republic of Kalmykia in the Federation Council (2012–2014). On 20 March 2019, Khasikov was appointed by Vladimir Putin to become the 3rd Head of the Republic of Kalmykia.[2]

Personal life[edit]

He was born to a Kalmyk father and a Tatar mother.[3]

On 5 August 2020, Khasikov announced that he tested positive for COVID-19.[4]

Khasikov is married. He has two children.[5] His wife, Elena Khasikova (maiden name Shchur), is a fashion designer.[6] In 2009, she graduated from the Ufa State University of Economics and Service [ru] with a degree in hotel management. In 2013, she graduated from the Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sport and Health with a degree in athleticism.[7]

Batu Khasikov is a Buddhist.[8]


Batu graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogical University, the faculty of physical culture.[9] He continued postgraduate study in Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (Candidate of political science, 2012). In February 2016, having considered the application of representatives of the Dissernet community, the Dissertation Council of Peoples' Friendship University of Russia cancelled Khasikov's PhD degree.[10]

Career in sports[edit]

Khasikov was born in Moscow, and later in his childhood he moved to Lagan, in the Republic of Kalmykia. There he began training in Kyokushin at the age of 11. Having moved to Moscow in 1997, Batu kept training, and in 2000–2001 he won several Seiwakai and Kyokushin competitions. Khasikov then mastered hand-to-hand combat, Kickboxing, sambo, ju-jutsu and muay thai, and from 2005 competed in kickboxing on continuing basis.

In the course of 2005–2010 Batu became a three-time Russian champion (WAKO), WAKO European champion, and gained the championship belts in average weights. In October 2007, Batu defeated Ricardo Fernandes from Portugal (WAKO-Pro), in November 2007, he defeated Harris Norwood (ISKA),[11] in and November 2010, he won a victory over Fabio Corelli (WKA).[12]

In 2011, Khasikov defeated renowned kickboxers Albert Kraus and Mike Zambidis[13] in K-1 (W5 World Champion title was gained).

On 4 May 2012 on MMA festival “The battle of Kalmykia” Batu Khasikov defeated Warren Stevelmans. In November of the same year, he won the K-1 WAKO-Pro title after defeating Mohammad Reza Nazari.[14] On 3 November, at the "Battle of Moscow 8" event, Khasikov knocked out the popular Gago Drago.[15][16][17]

On 24 March 2014 the “Battle of Moscow 15” Fight Nights promoter hosted an event in "Rossiya Luzhniki", where Khasikov and Mike Zambidis had a rematch fight, which was the main event of tournament. That fight was a matter of principle for both opponents. Before the fight, Khasikov announced that he would retire if he won the fight. For Zambidis, the fight was an opportunity to vindicate himself. The fight was a mighty sensation given Khaskov's status as a senator from the Republic of Kalmykia. From the start, Khasikov pressured Zambidis and controlled the fight throughout, but in the third round, Zambidis showed dangerous signs of retaliation. In a split decision, Khasikov won the fight.[18][19] On Federation Council meeting, Khasikov was congratulated on victory.[20]

Khasikov is the three-time hand-to-hand fight champion of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of the city of Moscow, while he had won more than 200 amateur fights.[21][22]


From 2003 to 2008, Khasikov worked in police establishment. He holds the rank of a senior lieutenant. In March 2008, his duties changed course as a result of his election of Federation Council's member of the Republic of Kalmykia.[23]

Khasikov is the leader of the "For a Healthy Country" civic organization. The function of organization is healthy lifestyle promotion. Today, the All-Russian Social Movement "For A Healthy country" organizes events in different cities on a regular basis.

Fight Nights[edit]

Khasikov is the promoter and co-founder of Eurasia Fight Nights.[24] Fight Nights is a mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion in Russia which also promotes shows in other Russian-speaking countries. Its live events and competitions have been broadcast on Russia-2 and REN TV.[25] Before appointment as Federation Council's member, Khasikov was a Fight Nights producer and a Fight Nights fighter.[26]

Championships and awards[edit]

  • 2014 WKN Super Welterweight Oriental Rules World Champion -72.6 kg
  • 2012 W.A.K.O. Pro World Champion -75 kg (Low kick rules)
  • 2011 W5 World Champion, 71 kg, Moscow (Russia), Fight Nights: Battle of Moscow 5;[27]
  • 2010 WKA World Champion, -72.5 kg, Moscow (Russia), Battle of Champions 5;[27]
  • 2010 W.A.K.O. Pro World Champion (Low kick rules), 71.8 kg, Moscow (Russia), Fight Nights: Battle of Moscow;[28][27]
  • 2010 W.A.K.O. Amateur European Champion (Low kick rules), -71 kg, Baku (Azerbaijan);[29][30]
  • 2007 ISKA World Champion, freestyle, light-middleweight 72.5 kg (man), Moscow (Russia);[31][27]

Kickboxing record[edit]

Kickboxing Record
67 Wins (35 (T)KO's), 17 Losses, 3 Draws
Date Result Opponent Event Location Method Round Time
2014-03-28 Win Greece Mike Zambidis Fight Nights: Battle of Moscow 15 Moscow, Russia Decision (Split) 5 3:00
For WKN Super Welterweight Oriental Rules World Championship -72.6 kg.
2012-11-03 Win Armenia Gago Drago Battle of Moscow 8 Moscow, Russia KO (right cross) 1
2012-10-14 Win Iran Mohamed Reza Nazari Team Russia vs. Team Asia Khabarovsk, Russia TKO (broken jaw) 3
Wins WAKO Pro low kick rules middleweight world title (-75 kg)
2012-05-04 Win South Africa Warren Stevelmans Battle in Kalmykia Elista, Russia Decision (Split) 3 3:00
2011-11-05 Win Greece Mike Zambidis W5 Moscow, Russia TKO (referee stoppage) 1 1:51
Wins W5 World title (-71 kg)
2011-03-12 Win Netherlands Albert Kraus Fight Nights: Battle of Moscow 3 Moscow, Russia Decision (Unanimous) 3 3:00
2010-11-19 Win Italy Fabio Corelli Battle of Champions 5 Moscow, Russia KO 2
Wins WKA World title (-72.5 kg)
2010-06-05 Win Portugal Ricardo Fernandes Battle at Moscow Moscow, Russia RTD 3 2:16
Wins WAKO Pro low kick rules light middleweight world title (-71.8 kg)
2009-10-02 Loss Portugal Ricardo Fernandes Battle of Champions in Elista Elista, Russia Decision (Unanimous) 3 3:00
Fight was for vacant WAKO Pro low kick rules light middleweight world title (-71.8 kg)
2007-11-30 Win United States Haris Norwood Battle of Champions Moscow, Russia KO
Wins ISKA World title (-71 kg)
2007-05-19 Win Russia Rizvan Isaev Battle of Champions 2 Moscow, Russia Decision (Unanimous) 3 3:00
Legend:   Win   Loss   Draw/No contest   Notes


Honoured worker of Physical Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kalmykia.[32]

The owner of "Golden belt" of Russian Union of martial arts in nomination "The Brightest Victory of Year" (the 7-th national award ceremony).


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