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Batu Kikir is a small town in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Batu Kikir is located in between Bahau and Kuala Pilah.[1]

It is made popular by a phrase Batu Kikir Jambatan Bosi from a line of lyrics of a popular Malaysian song "Apo Kono Eh Jang".

Tourist attractions[edit]

Batu Kikir is also known as the birthplace of Pendita Za'aba (Zainal Abidin Ahmad), a renowned intellectual and wordsmith in Malaysia. He is the first and only 'Pendita' in the country. In Batu Kikir, a museum dedicated to the legacy of Pendita Za'aba has been built by the Negeri Sembilan government and is open to the public. Known as Teratak Za'aba, the traditional kampung-house structure was constructed at Za'aba's birthplace, Bukit Kerdas in Batu Kikir.


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Coordinates: 2°50′N 102°19′E / 2.833°N 102.317°E / 2.833; 102.317