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Batu Licin, also written as Batulicin (abbreviated: BLN), is a sub-district of Tanah Bumbu regency and its capital, in South Kalimantan, Indonesia. Batulicin is situated on the banks of the Batulicin River and is 265 km east of the city of Banjarmasin, capital of the province in South Kalimantan.

Batulicin is an important center for coal shipping from South Kalimantan to various parts of Indonesia as well as other countries. Batulicin is located at the edge of a strait that connects the Java Sea to the Straits of Makassar.

Although Batulicin was once the capital district, the center of government activities is now the Simpang Empat. After the creation of the District, became Tanah Bumbu district , the county seat is located in Simpang Empat, which was increased from village status into districts. Batulicin actually never became the official capital of Tanah Bumbu regency. Several years after the expansion, the county seat was moved to the Village Mountain High (Gunung Tinggi) namely that previously existed village cottage village Butun included in the District of Batulicin. Regarding the naming of Mountain High (Gunung Tinggi) is performed by former Regent of Tanah Bumbu, dr. HM Zairullah Azhar.

Batulicin is served by Batu Licin Airport.


Kingdom of Batulicin[edit]

Kingdom Batulicin, or Batoe Litjin, "Kingdom of Slippery Rock", was the kingdom fraction of Tanah Bumbu kingdom . The area includes the "Slippery Rock Watershed" Batulicin and surrounding area, namely the districts Batulicin before it was divided into four districts: Batulicin, Simpang Empat, Karang Stars and Mentewe.

The first ruler of the kingdom of the Queen of Diamonds I Batulicin is the biological child of Queen Mas. Queen Mas bin Prince Mangu was the last ruler of the kingdom of Tanah Bumbu before it is broken down into several small kingdoms region. Tanah Bumbu empire founded by Prince Dipati Tuha (Raden Basus) son of Sultan Saidullah, king of Banjar. In the year 1870 the empire Tanah Bumbu distributed to biological children and stepchildren Queen Mas namely Prince King and Queen of Diamonds I. Prince, King gained the northern region centered on the country / kingdom Bangkalaan , while the southern region (Cantung and Batulicin) was given to the Queen Intan I. On May 4, 1826 , Sultan Adam (king Banjar) handed over to the Dutch East Indies Batulicin region.

Since the year 1860 territory of the Kingdom Batoe Litjin become an area of government self-government is headed by a Bumiputera portion of Afdeeling Sand en de Land Boemboe in the colonial administration Indies under the authority of the Assistant Resident GH Dahmen based in Samarinda . The autonomous regional government authorizes a chief Bumiputera namely Prince Sharif Hamid, an Arab from Batavia, not a descendant of Sultan Banjar. On the orders of the Netherlands, Prince Hamid Sharif is what caught Demat Lehman , one of the leaders-Barito Banjar War.

Batoe Litjin and other countries in the region Land of Spices were areas landschap in Afdeeling Sand en de Land Boemboe according Staatblaad year 1898 no. 178. In the United Republic of Indonesia, the area is included in the Council Pagatan part of the Federation of East Kalimantan .Now this self-governing region into districts Simpang Empat , Batulicin , Mentewe , Coral Star . Batulicin now is the capital of Tanah Bumbu regency . Tanah Bumbu regency is not the same as in the former Kingdom Land of Spices.

Head of Government , Diamond Queen first child of Queen Mas son Prince Mangu son Prince Dipati Tuha, became Queen Cantung and Batulicin (1780–1800). Diamond Queen I was married to Sultan Anom IV Aji Dipati of the Sultanate of sand , but no children. Raja Gusti Pangeran bint Great King (1820–1825) as the King Bangkalaan, Sampanahan, Manunggul, Cengal, Cantung, Batulicin. Raja Gusti Big domiciled in Cengal. Cantung and Batulicin is inherited from her aunt that I Diamond Queen who has no descendants. Great Gusti Raden Aji married. Sultan Sulaiman of Sand invade and take Cengal, Manunggul, Bangkalaan, and Cantung, but then can be retaken. Prince Muhammad (descendant of Prince Sultan bin Tuha Dipati Saidullah), based in Sela Selilau . The Prince Haji Musa bin Prince Mohammed, as King Batulicin and Bangkalaan (1832). He died in 1840. Prince Haji Moses married the daughter of Sultan Sulaiman is the Queen Salamah who dubbed the Queen of Haji Musa. Prince Prince Panji bin Musa The cornerstone of the daughter of King Aji Aji Jawi (wife of Prince Panji, do not have children) Daing Magading (Aji Platform husband, no children, the brother of White Botto) Prince Muhammad Nafis Prince Haji Musa bin. Prince Abdul Kadir bin Prince Aji Moses, known as the King of Kusan, Batulicin, Sea Island (1845–1860). [4] Prince Sharif Hashim al-Qudsi (1860–1864), based in Batulicin Prince Sharif Hamid, commanding start on 13 June 1866. Sharif Thoha prince (1883–1885) as the King Batulicin, then also became king Pagatan and Kusan. He is married with Mutajeng daughter La Paliweng Whitewater Abdul Rahim, King Pagatan and Kusan earlier. Prince Sharif Ahmad Sultanate BANJAR (Tanah Bumbu, Kotawaringin, Kusan)

Modern history[edit]

Batulicin was once the district capital, but the center of government activities is now in Simpang Empat since the creation of Tanah Bumbu district. Batulicin was never formally made the official capital of Tanah Bumbu regency. Several years after the district's expansion, the county seat was moved to the "Village Mountain High" namely that previously existed village cottage village Butun included in the District of Batulicin. Regarding the naming of Mountain High is performed by former Regent of Tanah Bumbu, dr. HM Zairullah Azhar.


  • North Subdistrict Star Coral and Simpang Empat
  • South Subdistrict Kusan Hilir
  • West Subdistrict Star Coral and Kusan Hilir
  • East Java Sea

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