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Batura valley Passu Hunza.jpg

Batura Glacier also known as the Baltoro Glacier (Urdu: بتورا گلیشیر‎), 57 kilometres (35 mi) long, is one of the largest and longest glaciers outside of the polar regions.[1] It lies in the Gojal region of Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan. It is just north of the massifs of Batura, at 7,795 metres (25,574 ft), and Passu, at 7,500 metres (24,600 ft). The glacier flows west to east. The lower portions can be described as a grey sea of rocks and gravelly moraine, bordered by a few summer villages and pastures with herds of sheep, goats, cows and yaks and where roses and juniper trees are common.


  1. ^ Tajikistan's Fedchenko Glacier is 77 km long. The India's Siachen Glacier is 76 km long, Biafo Glacier 67 km long, and Baltoro Glacier 63 km long. The Bruggen or Pio XI Glacier in southern Chile is 66 km long. Measurements are from recent imagery, generally supplemented with Russian 1:200,000 scale topographic mapping as well as Jerzy Wala,Orographical Sketch Map: Karakoram: Sheets 1 & 2, Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research, Zurich, 1990.

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Coordinates: 36°32′N 74°39′E / 36.533°N 74.650°E / 36.533; 74.650