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Gubbi Gubbi
EthnicityGubbi Gubbi (Kabi), Butchulla (incl. Ngulungbara)
Native speakers
24 of the Batyala dialect (2016 census)[1]
  • Gabi-Gabi (Dippil)
  • Badjala (Batyala, Butchulla)
Language codes
ISO 639-3Either:
gbw – Gabi-Gabi
xby – Batyala
AIATSIS[3]E29 Gubbi Gubbi, E30 Butchulla

Gabi-Gabi (Gubbi-Gubbi) is a language of Queensland in Australia, formerly spoken on Fraser Island. For example, "Wunya ngulum" means "Welcome, everyone" in the Gabi-Gabi.[4] The main dialect, Gabi-Gabi, is extinct, but there are still 24 people with knowledge of the Batyala dialect.[1]


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