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Bauersche Gießerei
IndustryType foundry
FounderJohann Christian Bauer
HeadquartersFrankfurt am Main, Germany
Key people
Konrad Friedrich Bauer, Walter Baum, Heinrich Jost

The Bauer Type Foundry (German: Bauersche Gießerei) was a German type foundry founded in 1837 by Johann Christian Bauer in Frankfurt am Main. Noted typeface designers, among them Lucian Bernhard, Konrad Friedrich Bauer (not related to the company's founder), Walter Baum, Heinrich Jost, Imre Reiner, Friedrich Hermann Ernst Schneidler, Emil Rudolf Weiß, and Heinrich Wienyck, designed typefaces for the company.

The company nearly went bankrupt at the end of the 19th century because the company's administration assumed that type founding, rather than typesetting, would be automated. The new owner, Georg Hartmann, succeeded in saving the company. Subsequently, the company grew, also due to several takeovers, e.g. in 1916 by Frankfurt's type foundry Flinsch, itself a global player. In 1927, an office was opened in New York City.

In 1972, all activities of the headquarters in Frankfurt were stopped and transferred to the former subsidiary company, Fundición Tipográfica Neufville in Barcelona, after 1995 to Bauer Types, SL, which still owns the rights to many typefaces. These are distributed by companies like Monotype, Adobe, Paratype, URW++, Elsner & Flake, as well as Neufville Digital for the typeface Futura ND.


The following foundry types were issued by Bauer:[1]


In German

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