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Crystal Palace during the event

Bauernfest (also called the Festival of the German Settlers) is a traditional festival that is held to honor the Germans that immigrated to Brazil. It is held during the month of July in Petrópolis, a city with a strong German influence,[1] which is located in the highlands region of the state of Rio de Janeiro, southeastern Brazil. Since 1989 the Bauernfest has been held every year in the city center. It is considered the largest festival in the Petrópolis region, and the second largest German festival in Brazil,[2] behind the Oktoberfest of Blumenau, in Santa Catarina.[3] The festival features folk dances, choirs, traditional bands such as the Banda Musical Germânica (Germanic Musical Band) of Blumenau, contest beer drinking. Typical savory foods include sausages, Sauerkraut, Wurstsalat, Sauerbraten and so forth. The main beverage is beer, desserts and confectionery include chocolate and Black Forest cake. In 2012, there were 368,000 participants who spent R$ 55 million (US$ 24 million). In 11 days of celebration 7.5 tons of sausage and 35,000 liters of beer were consumed.[4]

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