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Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv
Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv.JPG
Bauhaus Center Building
Established 2000
Location 99 Dizengoff St., Tel Aviv, Israel
Coordinates 32°04′45″N 34°46′25″E / 32.079274°N 34.773724°E / 32.079274; 34.773724
Type Architecture
Director Micha Gross, Shlomit Gross, Asher Ben-Shmuel

The Bauhaus Center is an organization dedicated to creating a platform for Bauhaus architecture and design in the city of Tel Aviv, Israel. The buildings designed in the international style, commonly known as Bauhaus, comprise most of the center of Tel Aviv, known as The White City. The vision behind the Center is to raise awareness to the Bauhaus heritage and be part of the cultural and artistic development in Tel Aviv.


The Bauhaus Center was founded by Asher Ben Shmuel, Micha Gross and Shlomit Gross in the year 2000. It is located in Tel Aviv, Israel, on 99 Dizengoff St. The founders recognized the need to document the history and patrimony of the Bauhaus architecture in Tel Aviv. They established the Center in order to increase people's awareness of this heritage, and to expose the Bauhaus as a style that crosses boundaries between different art media.

The Center has been collaborating closely with the Israel National Commission for UNESCO since the designation of Tel Aviv as a World Heritage Site in 2003.[1] The Center also cooperates with the Municipality of Tel Aviv and several educational institutions, galleries, museums and associations of engineering and architecture.


The Bauhaus Center is subdivided into four parts:

  • Library - In the Center’s Library there can be found a row of new as well as old book editions about the evolution of the city and the Bauhaus architecture. The Center acts as an independent publishing house for books about Bauhaus architecture and design, and the City of Tel Aviv.
  • Gallery - The gallery shows documentary exhibitions on Tel Aviv and its architecture, culture, people, design and photography.[2]
  • Tours - The Center conducts walking tours around the White City showing prominent Bauhaus buildings, built during the 1930s and 1940s. There are also self-service tour in the area of Dizengoff Square using an audio guide.
  • Shop - The Bauhaus shop hosts a collection of items of a wide variety of purposes including fashion, interior design, Judaica and jewellery. It offers to local artists and designers a space where to show, promote and sell their works to the wide public.



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