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The Baum School of Art
Baum School of Art, Allentown PA.jpg
510 W. Linden Street


ChairpersonAnn Lalik
Communities servedLehigh Valley
Executive DirectorShannon Slattery Fugate
Assistant DirectorLaurie Siegfried
Director of Exhibitions and CollectionsRudy S. Ackerman, Ed.D.

The Baum School of Art is a non-profit community art school located in Allentown, Pennsylvania, in the United States.

In 2016–2017, the school had a total enrollment of 3,346 students, 1,921 of which were children and teens, and 1,425 of which were adults.[1] 178 classes were offered for children and teens,[2] and 168 for adult students.[3]


The school was established in the summer of 1926, when artist Walter Emerson Baum was recruited by Blanche Lucas to provide art instruction to art teachers of the Allentown School District. Feedback was so positive that Baum was asked to return again and again. The classes became known as "The Baum School."

Circulating Picture Club[edit]

Originally established in 1933 by Walter Emerson Baum, the Circulating Picture Club provides paintings for subscribers including banks, professional and business offices, government offices, and educational institutions. The Circulating Picture Club has over 586 pictures in circulation by artists including Walter Emerson Baum, John E. Berninger, Mel Stark, Ann Yost Whitesell and others.[4]

Historical locations[edit]

Dates Location
1926 to December, 1928 Franklin Fire Hall, 14th and Turner Streets [5]
January 1929 to August 1935 Hunsicker School, North 6th Street (above Chew Street) [5]
August 1935 to August 1939 Sheridan School, 2nd and Liberty Streets [5]
August 1939 to August 1946 Lincoln School, 14th and Walnut Streets [5]
August 1946 to 1952 Jackson School, 517 N. 15th Street [5]
1952–1976 Moved to own building at 12th and Walnut Streets
Name changed to Baum School of Art [6]
1976 Moved to annex of Allentown Art Museum [6]
1987 Moved to own building on Linden Street (present location) [6]

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