Bavaria women's national ice hockey team

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Shirt badge/Association crest
First international
 Bavaria 10–1 Spain 
(France; May 21, 2009)
Biggest win
 Bavaria 10–1 Spain 
(France; May 21, 2009)
Biggest defeat
 France 6–1 Bavaria 
(Fussen, Germany ; February 22, 2010)
International record (W–L–T)

The Bavaria women's national ice hockey team represents the German state of Bavaria in international ice hockey competitions. Since 2009, the team has participated in three international matches.[1]


The Bavaria women's national ice hockey team played its first game in 2009 against Spain during the 16th International Women Tournament being held in Cergy, France.[2][3] The tournament involved the national teams of Bavaria, Belgium and Spain and three club teams, Cergy representing France, the Collège Les Lynx d’Edouart Montpetit representing Canada, and Grefrath representing Germany.[3] Bavaria won their opening game against Spain 10–1. Bavaria also managed a win against Belgium but lost to the three club teams during the round robin. Bavaria finished the tournament in third after beating Grefrath in the bronze medal game.[3]

The following year Bavaria competed in an exhibition match against France in Füssen, Germany. They lost the game 1–6.[2]

All-time record against other nations[edit]

 Spain 1 1 0 0 10 1
 Belgium 1 1 0 0 7 3
 France 1 0 0 1 1 6


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