Bavarian BB I

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Bavarian BB I
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Number(s) Bavaria: 2100
Quantity 1
Retired 1924
Wheel arrangement 0-4-4-0
Axle arrangement B′B n4v
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Length over buffers 16,991–17,894 mm
Service weight 55.6 t
Adhesive weight 55.6 t
Axle load 14.2 t
Top speed 45/65 km/h
Driving wheel diameter 1,340 millimetres (4 ft 4.76 in)
No. of cylinders 4
LP cylinder bore 635 mm (25.00 in)
HP cylinder bore 415 mm (16.34 in)
Piston stroke 630 mm (24.80 in)
Boiler Overpressure 14 bar (1.40 MPa; 203 psi)
Grate area 2.07 m2 (22.3 sq ft)
Evaporative heating area 123.00 m2 (1,324.0 sq ft)
Tender Bavarian 3 T 13,8
2'2' T 18
Water capacity 13.8/18.0 m3

The BB I was a steam locomotive with the Royal Bavarian State Railways (Königlich Bayerische Staatsbahn).

This one-off loco would have been given the operating number 55 7101 by the Reichsbahn in their initial renumbering plan, but in the final one it did not appear as it had been retired in 1924. It can be seen in section today in the Nuremberg Transport Museum.

The engine was initially equipped with a Bavarian 3 T 13,8 tender, later replaced by a Class 2'2' T 18.

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