Bavarian C III (Ostbahn)

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Bavarian C III (Bayern)
DRG Class 53.78
Number(s) DRG 53 7835–7864
Quantity 152
Year(s) of manufacture 1867ff.
Retired 1925
Wheel arrangement 0-6-0
Axle arrangement C n2
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Length over buffers 14,115 mm
Service weight 24.0/27.5 m2
Adhesive weight 24.0/27.5 m2
Top speed 45 km/h
Driving wheel diameter 1,220/1,255/1,274 mm
No. of cylinders 2
Cylinder bore 349/356 mm
Piston stroke 508 mm
Boiler Overpressure 8/9/10 bar
Grate area 1.05/1.10 m2
Evaporative heating area 72.50/66.50 m2
Tender 3 T 9/9.5
Water capacity 9.0/9.5 m2

The Bavarian Class C, later C III, waw a German steam locomotive with the Bavarian Eastern Railway (Bayrischen Ostbahn) and Deutsche Reichsbahn.

From 1867 a total of 152 examples of this engine were built in Bavaria for the Ostbahn. The five series differed in their dimensions from one another. They had larger grate and heating areas than their predecessor engines, the Class C II. In addition the drive was to the middle axle, so that shorter connecting rods could be used. The locomotives had an Allan valve gear and injectors.

Retirement began after 1905. In 1920, 49 machines were still left. The Reichsbahn recorded 35 of the 38 remaining engines in 1923 and gave them the numbers 53 7835–7864. However, by 1925 they were no longer on active duty. Three engines went as reparations to the NMBS in Belgium.

The locomotives were equipped with 3 T 9 and 3 T 9.5 tenders.

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