Bavarian Liberation Army

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The Bavarian Liberation Army (German: Bajuwarische Befreiungsarmee, BBA) is an Austrian right-wing militant organization. Its goal is to create a single, Teutonic, ethnically homogenous state.[1]


  • The BBA claimed responsibility for several letter-bomb attacks in 1995, which killed one German (Munich) and two Hungarian women (Linz).[2]
  • Franz Fuchs, a self-declared BBA operator, was found guilty on 10 March 2001 of 29 different bombings and committed suicide in jail. Fuchs' attacks, primarily letter bombs, targeted minorities and refugees, as well as Austrian and German advocates for those populations. Fuchs' worst attack killed four Romani in Oberwart in 1995.[3]
  • There is no evidence that the BBA consisted of anybody else besides Franz Fuchs.


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