Bavarian Order of Merit

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Bavarian Order of Merit
Beierse Orde van Verdienste.jpg
Awarded by Minister-President of Bavaria
Country Germany, Free State of Bavaria
Type Civil Order of Merit
Eligibility Men and women without distinction of nationality or class[1]
Awarded for Outstanding contributions to the Free State of Bavaria and the Bavarian people[1]
Status Currently awarded
Established 11 June 1957
DE-BY Der Bayerische Verdienstorden BAR.png
Ribbon bar of the order

The Bavarian Order of Merit (German: Bayerischer Verdienstorden) is the Order of Merit of the Free State of Bavaria. It is awarded by the Minister-President of Bavaria as a "recognition of outstanding contributions to the Free State of Bavaria and the Bavarian people".[1]

The order was instituted by law on 11 June 1957. The Prime Minister and the Cabinet can nominate awardees.

Hemmerle,[2] a German jewellery house based in Munich founded in 1893, is the only exclusive maker of the Bavarian Order of Merit since it was instituted in 1957.



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