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Direktion der Bayerischen Staatsgemäldesammlungen
(Bavarian State Painting Collections)
administration plaque

The Bavarian State Painting Collections (German: Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen), based in Munich, oversees the collections of artworks held by the Free State of Bavaria. Works include paintings, sculpture, prints, photographs, video art and installation art. These pieces are on display in numerous galleries and museums throughout Bavaria.

Galleries of the Bavarian State Painting Collections in Munich[edit]

Galleries of the Bavarian State Painting Collections outside Munich[edit]

Nazi Looted Art in Bavarian State Collections[edit]

In 2016, the heirs of Alfred Flechtheim, a German-Jewish art dealer and collector, sued the German state of Bavaria, arguing in court papers that it has refused to turn over works of art that the heirs say were looted by the Nazis before World War II.[1]


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