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Bawa clan

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Bawa Clan is a Jatt Clan found in West and East Punjab.[1][2] Bawa's are Jatt Sikhs and are direct descendants of third Sikh Guru Sahib, .[3][4] Bawa's are influential people and can be seen as 'The Man' in the military, police, trade, banking, technology, or government jobs.

Famous personalities

  • Bawa Kartar Singh - (1886-1960) - A direct descendant of Guru Amar Das and a scientist of repute.
    He was a pioneer in the field of Stereo Chemistry and was awarded Doctor of Science from Dublin University in 1921 and from Cambridge University in 1941.[5]
  • Budh Singh Bawa - (1878 - 1931) - Did pioneering work in preserving the old poetry in the Punjabi language.
Titles include Hans Chog (1913), Khoikoo (1916), Bambiha Bol(1925), Prem Kahani (in Persian Script) and Raja Rasalu
  • Gurmeet Bawa - Shiromani Singer of Punjab known for her Punjabi folk songs and long hek that she can hold for about 45 seconds with her voice.[6]
  • Ranjit Bawa - Punjabi Singer from Gurdaspur, who is most well known for his album "Mitti Da Bawa" which spawned the hit single "Yaari Chandigarh Waliye".
  • Mohit Bawa - Co-President of Collabramind LLC, a leading Cisco Infrastructure and Managed Services company based out of Dallas.


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