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Coordinates: 28°21′N 28°52′E / 28.350°N 28.867°E / 28.350; 28.867


el-Bawiti is located in Egypt
Location in Egypt
Coordinates: 28°21′N 28°52′E / 28.350°N 28.867°E / 28.350; 28.867
Country Egypt
Time zoneUTC+2 (EST)

El-Bawiti (Arabic: الباويطي, al-Bāwīṭī) is a town in the Western desert in Egypt. With 30,000 inhabitants, it is the largest settlement in the Bahariya Oasis.

The tombs of Qarat Qasr Salim hill[edit]

On a low ridge overlooking El-Bawiti are a pair of nicely decorated underground tombs of the 26th Dynasty, a high time in Bahariya Oasis. The tombs, belonging to the wealthy local merchants Zed-Amun-ef-Ankh and his son Banentiu, have an inner court with 4 columns and up to 7 side chambers.[1]

The tomb of Zed-Amun-ef-Ankh has colorful pictures of the gods carrying out the mortuary rituals. The ceiling is painted with a starry sky. The columns of the tomb of Banentiu are painted with deities and the ceiling has a winged sun-disk. The walls by the entrance show the journeys of the moon and the sun.[2]


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