Bawku West District

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Bawku West District
Districts of Upper East region
Districts of Upper East region
Bawku West District is located in Ghana
Bawku West District
Bawku West District
Bawku West District in Upper East region
Coordinates: 10°55′N 0°31′W / 10.917°N 0.517°W / 10.917; -0.517Coordinates: 10°55′N 0°31′W / 10.917°N 0.517°W / 10.917; -0.517
Region Upper East Region
Capital Zebilla
 • District Executive Moses Abaagre Appiah
 • Total 979 km2 (378 sq mi)
Population (2013)
 • Total
Time zone GMT (UTC+0)
ISO 3166 code GH-UE-BW

The Bawku West District is one of the nine (9) districts in the Upper East Region of north Ghana. The capital is Zebilla. It corresponds more or less to the traditional kingdom of Kussaug.


The Bawku West District was carved out of the old Bawku East District under the new local government system in 1988. As the Kussasi kingdom of Kussaug, it is much older.


The district is bordered by Talensi-Nabdam District to the West and Bawku Municipal District to the East. The district covers a land area of approximately 979 km2, which constitute about 12% of the total area of Upper East region.


According to the 2000 population and housing census, the district had 80,606 people of whom only 12% were literate at that time. Kusaal is the dominant language in Zebilla. The majority of the inhabitants of the district are Kussasi, but there are also numerous Basari and Mossi from the adjacent kingdoms.


Goods and commodity trading occurs every three days in an open market in Zebilla. The same occurs in smaller townships like Sapeliga on the Burkinabe border.