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Bawls Guarana bottle.jpg
A bottle of Bawls Guarana.
Type Energy Drink
Manufacturer Solvi Acquisition
Country of origin USA
Introduced 1997
Flavour Various
Variants Bawls Orange, Bawls GuaraneXX, Bawls EXXtra, Bawls Mints, Bawls Cherry, Bawls Root Beer
Related products Coca-Cola, Jolt

Bawls Guarana is a soda containing natural Guarana flavor and a higher caffeine content than most caffeinated soft drinks. Bawls products are owned by Solvi Acquisition[1] of Twinsburg, Ohio.


Bawls products come in a variety of cans and bottles. The original variant, Bawls Guarana, is packaged in a cobalt blue, non-slip glass bottle. Bawls EXXtra comes in a clear bottle. Both containers are covered in approximately 104 bumps for easier gripping. Bawls Mints come in an untextured tin with 207 artificial bumps on its surface.[citation needed]

In early fall 2006, the bottle design underwent a small change that increased the size of the words "Bawls" and "Guarana."[citation needed]

Aside from being available in glass bottles, it can also be packaged for shipping overseas to U.S. military APOs/FPOs[clarification needed]. The "Military Gift Pack" or "M-Pack" consists of the 16oz aluminum cans rather than glass bottles in order to save money on shipping and reduce the risk of spoilage. Cans of Bawls are designed to imitate the bottles by having 59 white circles using a color changing ink as they become cold.[2]


Cherry Bawls

Bawls Guarana[edit]

The original flavor. This product comes in 10-ounce cobalt blue glass bottles or 16-ounce cans. It is sweetened with high fructose corn syrup.[citation needed]

Bawls Orange[edit]

Bawls Orange is the newest flavor of the highly caffeinated beverage and is described on their website as a "Mandarin orange and a Guarana berry holding hands and doing a swan dive into a bumpy bottle of smooth, sparkling awesomesauce". It contains 64 mg of caffeine per serving.[3]

Bawls Guarana EXXtra[edit]

Bawls Guarana EXXtra (formerly Bawls Guaranexx) is a sugar-free version of Bawls Guarana that has 50% more caffeine. It is sweetened with sucralose. This product comes in 10-ounce clear glass bottles or 16-ounce cans.[4]

Bawls Cherry[edit]

Bawls Cherry, release in 2007, is an extension of the original but with cherry flavoring. This product currently comes in 16-ounce cans and clear bottles. The cans are red with circles which change from white to blue when the drink is cold. The bottles were originally planned to be red, but ended up being clear due to the extra cost of red glass.[citation needed]

Bawls Root Beer (Formerly Bawls "G33K B33R")[edit]

An unopened bottle of Bawls Root Beer.

Bawls Root Beer (formerly G33K B33R) is guarana spiked, high-caffeine root beer. It is available in 10-ounce bottles, brown-colored variants of the original Bawls bottles.[5] This product was released on April 1, 2008 online and in select stores.

Bawls MINTS[edit]

Bawls Mints are a candy form of the regular Bawls drinks. They replaced a similar product called "Bawls Buzz". They are small, carbonated blue tablets, giving an effect similar to that of Pop Rocks. Each mint contains about 1 mg of caffeine "via Guarana & pure caffeine." These candies can be put into a bottle of Bawls to rapidly release the carbonation of the drink and mint to produce a large head of foam which often overflows. This is called a "Fizzing Blue Bawls."[citation needed] Bawls Buzz was featured on Food Network's Unwrapped.[6]


SnoBawls was a frozen variant of Bawls containing similar flavoring and caffeine content. It contained 120 mg of caffeine per serving, and was available at 7-Eleven locations in New York City, Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, and Kansas City.[7] As of August 2011, SnoBawls is no longer being produced.[citation needed]


Bawls markets to consumers online through the Bawls Facebook page[8] and throughout the United States; specifically in urban areas such as New York City, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, and Kansas City as well as gamers and different kinds of sports, such as motocross, BMX and paintball. Bawls also sponsored 24-Hour Comics Day, and gave away cases to comic stores holding the event.[citation needed]

Every year, Bawls makes a trip to Dallas for the annual QuakeCon, a gaming convention Bawls has sponsored since shortly after the convention's inception.[citation needed] During the convention Bawls holds a chugging competition, where contestants drink as much Bawls as possible in a given period of time. [9]

Caffeine content[edit]

In reality, Bawls is more of a high caffeine soda than an energy drink, much like Coca Cola's Vault.

A Red Bull, Monster, Full Throttle, or Nos energy drink of equal size contains more than double the amount of caffeine in a 10 oz. Bawls Energy Drink.

Beverage Caffeine (mg) Volume (fl oz) Caffeine/Volume (mg/oz)[10]
Bawls Guarana (bottles) 65 10 6.50
Bawls Orange (bottles) 64 10 6.40
Bawls Guarana (cans) 100 16 6.25
Bawls Cherry (bottles) 65 10 6.50
Bawls Cherry (cans) 100 16 6.25
Bawls Root Beer (bottles) 65 10 6.50
Bawls EXXtra (bottles) 95 10 9.50
Monster Energy Drink (cans) 160 16 10.00
6.25 to 12.50

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