Baxter (punk band)

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Origin Chicago, Illinois, United States
Genres Post-hardcore, art punk
Years active 1995–99
Labels Static Station Records
Will Not Clear Man
Associated acts Rise Against, The Lawrence Arms, The Honor System, The Broadways, The Killing Tree, Colossal
Members Anthony Fiore
Tim McIlrath
Neil Hennessy
Timothy Remis
J. Wood

Baxter (sometimes typeset .baxter.) was a Chicago post-hardcore band. The band consisted of [1] Tim McIlrath (later of Rise Against and The Killing Tree), Neil Hennessy, (later of The Lawrence Arms, The Killing Tree, The Falcon and Colossal), Anthony Fiore (drums) as well Timothy Remis, (later of The Killing Tree) and a bassist only referred to as J. Wood.


Baxter formed in 1995 in Chicago, Illinois and began playing basement shows and building up a fanbase. Their first record was released independently as a full length cassette entitled Troy's Bucket, and enjoyed moderate success in the underground scene. They began touring extensively around the Midwest. In 1996, they signed to the independent label Static Station. 1997 saw the release of a 7" entitled Lost Voices, and by this time they were very popular in the local scene. In 1999 they split up and members have remained active in the hardcore scene in bands such as The Killing Tree, The Honor System, The Lawrence Arms and most notably Rise Against. In 2003, Will Not Clear Man records put out Baxter, a compilation of both of their official releases as well as several unreleased songs and demos. In 2004, Minneapolis rapper P.O.S sampled the track "Out of Reach" for his track "Kidney Thief" off the album Ipecac Neat.



Former Members[edit]

  • Anthony Fiore - drums (1995-1997)


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