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Bay 101
Location San Jose, California
Address 1801 Bering Drive
San Jose, California, 95112
Opening date Sutter’s Club: 1929
Bay 101: 1994
Casino type Land-Based
Owner Bumb & Associates
Previous names Sutter’s Club (1929-1992)
Website Bay 101

Bay 101 is a cardroom in San Jose, California. Like other California cardrooms, Bay 101 offers poker cash games and tournaments as well as special "California" style table games.

Bay 101 is perhaps best known for hosting the Bay 101 Shooting Star, a World Poker Tour tournament created by Bay 101 owner Marko Trapani in 1997.[1] The Bay 101 Shooting Star is a major bounty tournament, and the only one of its type on the World Poker Tour.[2]

In 2014, Bay 101 was looking to develop a larger card room either in San Jose or Milpitas.[3]


Bay 101 was originally called Sutter’s Club founded in 1929 by Joseph Sutter, Sr. and located in Alviso, California. In 1992, the casino moved to its current location.

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